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Status: stable
This property is for flagging up pages which have a mislead or otherwise particularly deceitful name.

RDF logic:
  • Subject:      Pages in the main: namespace or Document: namespace
  • Predicate:  So called
  • Object:        {1,0,yes,no...}[1] (type Boolean)
    Note: This cake various values. Wikispooks is still standardising its usage. The preferred values is probably numerical (1/0)

101 Pages use the property "So called"

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Page nameSo called
"War on Terror"true
"The Holocaust"true
"Conspiracy theory"true
"Holocaust Denier"true
"Lone nut"true
"National security"true
"Weapon of mass destruction"true
"Economic crisis"true
"Arab Spring"true
"Jubilee Plot"true
"Humanitarian intervention"true
"Extraordinary rendition"true
"Domestic extremism"true
"9-11/The 19 Hijackers"true
"War on Drugs"true
"Intellectual property"true
"Rebekah Roth"true
"Islamic terrorism"true
"Fake News"true
"Violent extremism"true
"9-11/Israel did it"true
"Non-violent extremism"true
"Sovereign immunity"true
"Hate speech"true
"Islamic terrorist"true
"National Counterterrorism Center"true
"Debt crisis"true
"1973 Oil crisis"true
"Enemy combatant"true
"Free market"true
"Conspiracy theorist"true
"Useful idiot"true
"Hate group"true
"Open government"true
"Independent Police Complaints Commission"true
"Financial services"true
"National interest"true
"National Counterterrorism Center/Director"true
"Security service"true
"Hate crime"true
"Philip Cross"true
"Russian Propaganda"true
"Bad apple"true
"Conspiracy mindset"true
"US/National security"true
"Strike Hard Campaign"true
"Poverty alleviation"true
"Extreme left"true
"Extreme right"true
"Advanced persistent threat"true
"Peace dividend"true
"Human resource"true
"Failed state"true
"State of emergency"true
"Social power"true
"Fake news website"true
"Fly the plane"true
"Countering disinformation"true
"Hate symbol"true
"Ethical trolling"true
"Fact checker"true
"Online hate crime"true
"CIA/Counterterrorism Center"true
"CIA/Counterterrorism Center/Director"true
"The Jewish Question"true
"Climate change"true
"Continuity of Government"true
"Fact checking"true
"Terror expert"true
"Vaccine passport"true
"Biological weapon/Terrorism"true
"Korean War/CIA brainwashing spin"true
"Social Justice Warrior"true
"Hate symbols"true