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Daniel Greenfield, whom the SPLC declared a "hate group of one".
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• Amalric de Droevig
• Southern Poverty Law Center
An enemy image which appears to be part of the effort to support the ongoing project to criminalize free speech.

The phrase "hate Group" is pejorative exonym, suggesting that the group engages in "hate speech". It is a focus of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which various commentators have described as a "hate group" itself.[1][2][3][4][5]


Google trends data reveals a large spike in interest in the term "hate group" in August 2017, and smaller ones in August and December of 2012.

The phrase "hate group" was searched for a lot in August 2017, possibly in connection with Black Lives Matter,[6] a group which the SPLC had not termed a "hate group".[7]


Full article: Hate group/Criticism

The phrase "hate group" was basically invented by the Southern Poverty Law Center. It is arbitrary and selectively applied.[8]

Southern Poverty Law Center

Full article: Southern Poverty Law Center

The Washington Post reported in 2016 that "in the 1980s, the Southern Poverty Law Center — an organization born of the civil rights movement — began tracking extremist organizations they deemed “hate groups” in the United States."[9] In March 2018, the Southern Poverty Law Center's "Hate Map" was #2 on Google.[10] Mike Adams, writing just after his YouTube had been removed, described the The SPLC as "a radical left-wing hate group that despises Christianity, the Second Amendment and patriots in particular."[1] In March 2019, CNN noted that SPLC staffers alleged that the group itself suffers from a "systemic culture of racism and sexism within its workplace."[11]


The phrase, along with others such as "domestic extremist", appears to be part of the effort to support the ongoing project to criminalize free speech.

Censoring Criticism of the hate group concept

Full article: Document:Censoring Criticism of the hate group concept

During April and May 2019 Amalric de Droevig made many attempts to added a section on criticism to the Wikipedia Hate Group Page [12]. The entirety of his additions were deleted by senior editors within minutes.

“I attempted to criticize the “hate group” concept on Wikipedia, by adding a section doing just that to its “hate group” article. The top editors over there would have none of it. Wikipedia’s editors are so left-wing, they think the SPLC is a neutral, apolitical organization, if you can believe it. Wikipedia, a supposedly unbiased and independent online encyclopedia and information source, has unfortunately become a mouthpiece for the Cultural Marxist US power class.”
Amalric de Droevig (17 June 2019)  [13] [1]


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