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Group.png "The New Humanitarians"
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InterestsEd Herman, Kosovo War
Membership• M. Cherif Bassiouni
• Antonio Cassese
• Ivo Daalder
• Bogdan Denitch
• Richard Falk
• Timothy Garton Ash
• Michael Glennon
• Richard Goldstone
• Philip Gourevitch
• Roy Gutman
• Jürgen Habermas
• Vaclav Havel
• David Held
• Louis Henkin
• Christopher Hitchens
• Paul Hockenos
• Stanley Hoffman
• Michael Ignatieff
• Tim Judah
• Mary Kaldor
• Bernard Kouchner
• Bernard-Henri Levy
• Andrew Linklater
• James Mayall
• Martha Minow
• Aryeh Neier
• Michael O'Hanlon
• Diane Orentlicher
• Steven Ratner
• David Rieff
• Geoffrey Robertson
• David Rohde
• Kenneth Roth
• William Shawcross
• Susan Sontag
• Brian Urquhart
• Ruth Wedgwood
• Marc Weller
• Nicholas J.Wheeler
A network of like-minded public intellectuals who worked in coordination with government officials and government-linked think-tanks during the Yugoslav wars, and chose being fed information by U.S. and Bosnian Muslim officials.

The New Humanitarians "have been members of a network of like-minded people, often friends, who have worked in coordination with government officials and government-linked thinktanks, bonding and hobnobbing among themselves in Sarajevo or at international conferences and being fed information by U.S. and, in the 1990s, Bosnian Muslim officials.

Sometimes, they worked together in establishment operations such as the Independent International Commission on Kosovo (Richard Falk, Richard Goldstone, Michael Ignatieff, Mary Kaldor, Martha Minow), the International Crisis Group (William Shawcross), the American Academy in Berlin (Paul Hockenos), George Soros' Open Society Institute (Aryeh Neier), and offshoots of these and similar institutions. The first three groups have been heavily funded by NATO governments, and have had on their boards numerous NATO government officials, past and present.

"In a nice illustration of what C. Wright Mills might have called the "social composition of the higher circles" of New Humanitarianism, Timothy Garton Ash wrote back in 1999: "When I arrive in the late evening…[at Hotel Tuzla,]... I step into the lift, press the button for the second floor, and at once subside, powerless, into the cellar. The reception committee in the bar consists of Christopher Hitchens, Susan Sontag, and David Rieff. When I join them, Sontag is just saying to Michael Ignatieff, 'I can't believe that this is your first time here." And he adds that on the very next day, after arriving at an event hosted by the Bosnian Muslim leadership of Tuzla, Mary Kaldor welcomed the group, and the British actress Julie Christie read a poem in homage to Sarajevo, "glowing white... as a translucent china cup."


The New Humanitarian Crusaders
M. Cherif Bassiouni Antonio Cassese Ivo Daalder
Bogdan Denitch Richard Falk Timothy Garton Ash
Michael Glennon Richard Goldstone Philip Gourevitch
Roy Gutman Jürgen Habermas Vaclav Havel
David Held Louis Henkin Christopher Hitchens
Paul Hockenos Stanley Hoffman Michael Ignatieff
Tim Judah Mary Kaldor Bernard Kouchner
Bernard-Henri Levy Andrew Linklater James Mayall
Martha Minow Aryeh Neier Michael O'Hanlon
Diane Orentlicher Steven Ratner David Rieff
Geoffrey Robertson David Rohde Kenneth Roth
William Shawcross Susan Sontag Brian Urquhart
Ruth Wedgwood Marc Weller Nicholas J. Wheeler
Ian Williams    
Source: Edward S. Herman and David Peterson, Morality's Avenging Angels The New Humanitarian Crusaders, ZNet, 30 August 2005.

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Known Participants

12 of the 39 of the participants already have pages here:

Timothy Garton AshUK historian, Ditchley Governor with other connections. Presented a paper to the 1989 Bilderberg. Subsequently attended two more, over a span of 30 years.
Cherif BassiouniAdvisor to the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism
Ivo DaalderUSDSO who co-authored Protecting the American Homeland - A Preliminary Analysis, a book published in 2002 by the Brookings Institution about 9/11
Richard FalkProfessor Emeritus of International Law at Princeton University and former UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories
Jürgen HabermasGerman philosopher and sociologist.
Christopher HitchensUK polemicist
Bernard KouchnerBilderberg French politician, 3 times French Health minister, founded Médecins Sans Frontières and Médecins du Monde, attended 2005 pandemic planning exercise Atlantic Storm
Bernard-Henri LévyA French 'philosopher' who has created an intellectual alibi for every US/NATO intervention since the 1980s. Lévy is also a militant supporter and apologist for Zionism and the Israeli state.
James Mayall
Michael O'HanlonSuspected US deep state operative who co-authored Protecting the American Homeland - A Preliminary Analysis for Brookings
Kenneth RothUS lawyer, serial WEF AGM visitor
Ruth Wedgwood


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