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One of the most peculiar parts of the COVID-19 propaganda effort saw thousands of nurses dancing in choreographed routines - something that blatantly clashed with one of the other PR-messages, the one of "overwhelmed hospitals".
Fat Bottomed Girls

In March-April 2020, during the first few months of Covid lockdowns, there appeared multiple videos of nurses and hospital staff dancing in synchronized routines on TikTok. Despite the reason given for lockdowns being an "overwhelmed healthcare system and overflowing hospitals", the nurses apparently had time to choreograph complex dance routines.

The dances presumably were either a global PR-stunt to increase "support the health system", but that weren't coordinated with the main message; or spontaneous acts that involuntarily showed the lies of the narrative. [1][2][3]

In December, the nurses were back "dancing to celebrate the arrival of vaccine doses".[4]

Official narrative

The concept has been defended by corporate media and fact checkers, who have framed it as "spreading joy".[5]

According to corporate media, they dance routines were attacked by anti vaxxers as only "COVID truthers", the only ones who would think the whole thing was odd in any way, and later would bringing them up "apropos of nothing".[4]

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