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Official narrative

The page title of this financial event used to include dates, as if to indicate that the event is past history. Now the official narrative as explained by Wikipedia states that "the exact scale and timing of the recession, and whether it has ended, is debated and varied from country to country".[1] The event is a fiction in as much as the global economic system is a fiction - i.e. to a significant degree. It is always presented by the commercially-controlled media as an economic or financial event - rather than addressing its more serious real underlying causes, such as peak oil.[2]


The event has been used as an excuse for massive looting - referred to as "bailouts". Together with inflation of the money supply, this has been carried out it in many countries simultaneously by the amoral financial elite. The net effect has continue the ongoing trends of wealth concentration among the very few who control the global financial system (referred to colloquially as "the 1%", but "0.01%" would be a more accurate description).[3]


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Related Quotation

Chris Hedges“The crisis that we face is not so much an economic crisis but a moral crisis. The utter cynicism on the part of very well paid media who have become in essence hedonists of power (which is what courtiers are) that the truth no longer matters, that that sacred contract that a great reporter makes between the viewer or the reader to tell them the truth is no longer relevant.”Chris Hedges


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