"Chinese interference in Canadian politics"

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Concept.png "Chinese interference in Canadian politics" 
(scandal,  Foreign influence operations amidst the COVID-19 crisis)Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
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China is accused of infiltrating the Canadian Parliament during COVID-19
China is accused of interfering in the 2019 Canadian federal election and the 2021 Canadian federal election

Conservative leader Erin O’Toole blamed China for his party's defeat in the 2021 Canadian federal election.[1] 13 ridings (in Toronto and Vancouver) with a high Chinese population were lost by the Conservatives to the Liberal Party, against the national trend.[2]

People involved

  • John McCallum: Cabinet minister under Justin Trudeau who subsequently served as ambassador to China is accused of conflict of interest.[3]
  • Michael Chong: Conservative Shadow Foreign Secretary believes China helped Liberals in the 2021 Canadian federal election.
  • Alice Wong: long standing Conservative MP for Richmond Centre who lost her seat in the 2021 Canadian federal election to Liberal candidate Wilson Miao.
  • Kenny Chiu: MP for a neighbouring riding, Steveston—Richmond East, also lost his seat under similar circumstances.[4]
  • Vincent Ke: In March 2023, Global News reported that Vincent Ke, the Progressive Conservative Ontario MPP for Don Valley North over corruption with the Chinese government. On the same day, Ke denied the allegations and resigned from his role as parliamentary secretary and from the Ontario PC caucus to sit as an independent. Don Valley North is a suburban Toronto riding noted for its high Chinese population.[5]

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