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Concept.png "The Jewish Question" 
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Analysis and debate about the behaviour, wealth, power and political influence of Jews, as discrete minorities, in host societies together with that of the Jewish state itself.

The Jewish question (sometimes referred to as the Jewish problem) is a taboo subject in 21st century western societies.

From the early middle ages until shortly after World War II it manifested as persistent periodic controversy and wide-ranging debate - often heated and acrimonious - about the appropriate status and treatment of Jews in host societies, especially in 19th and 20th century Europe and Russia. It concerned their civil, legal, national and political Status as discrete minorities within nation states.[1]

Such debate and controversy is now considered to be settled, as is tellingly illustrated by the Wikipedia page which discusses it entirely in the past tense. Any public discussion of it, other than in the context of alleged Jewish historical victim-hood, has become powerfully taboo in western society and will inevitably result in offenders being labelled as Antisemitic.[2]



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