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Concept.png "Mainstream" 
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A reference to The Matrix
As opposed to "extreme", this adjective is used particularly in the phrase "mainstream media"

The so-called "mainstream" is the opposite pole of the "extreme". It occurs particularly in the misleading[1] phrase "mainstream media", which is run by the extremely rich, and accordingly promotes their worldview as a means of social change.

"Mainstream media"

Full article: Rated 3/5 Corporate media

The self-styled "mainstream media" is referred to on this website as Corporate media, since it is run by the extremely wealthy.

"Political mainstream"

The "political mainstream" is used to describe permitted political viewpoints, i.e. those within the Overton Window.



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Corporate mediaThe corporate media refers to itself as 'mainstream' in an effort to marginalize so-called "alternative" media. While some instances (e.g. BBC) are not strictly commercial, all the corporate media is hierarchically structured, so a very small number of editors can censor or modify its output.
PresstituteJournalists who give biased and predetermined views in favour of the government and corporations.
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