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A list of Swiss Bilderberg participants

103 Swiss visitors have attended the Bilderberg.

Josef AckermannSwitzerland7 February 1948Chairman of Deutsche Bank, G30, Bilderberg Steering Committee
Oswald AeppliSwitzerland"Cleared by his fellow directors of any blame in the [Chiasso] case"
Jacques AigrainFrance
15 August 1954
Christine BeerliSwitzerland26 March 1953Swiss politician who attended her first Bilderberg in 2018.
Walter BerchtoldSwitzerlandSwiss businessman and double Bilderberger
Anne-Catherine BernerSwitzerland
16 January 1964Single Bilderberger Finnish politician
Franz BlankartSwitzerland27 November 1936
Christoph BlocherSwitzerland11 October 1940Millionaire Swiss politician, businessman who attended the 2009 Bilderberg
Daniel BorelSwitzerland14 February 1950Swiss businessman
Walter BoveriSwitzerland6 December 189420 March 1972Attended the Bilderbergs from 1959 to 1962
Gerardo BrogginiSwitzerlandNovember 1926Little known Swiss lawyer
Carl BurckhardtSwitzerland10 September 18913 March 1974Swiss historian and diplomat
Hugo BütlerSwitzerland17 August 1944Editor in Chief of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung.
Kaspar CassaniUS
April 1928Chairman and president of the IBM World Trade Corporation. Attended the 1985 Bilderberg.
Karl CasseriniSwitzerlandLittle known IMF Swiss single Bilderberger
Daniel CornuSwitzerlandLittle known Swiss visitor to the 1970 Bilderberg
Jean Pierre CotSwitzerland23 October 1937Swiss academic & politician who attended the 1977 Bilderberg aged 39.
Flavio CottiSwitzerland18 October 1939Swiss politician who attended 4 Bilderbergs in the 1990s
Pascal CouchepinSwitzerland5 April 1942Swiss President, 4 Bilderbergs
Jean-Pascal DelamurazSwitzerland1 April 19364 October 1998Single Bilderberger Member of the Swiss Federal Council
Arthur DunkelSwitzerland26 August 19328 June 2005Director-General of the World Trade Organization for over 12 years. 5 Bilderbergs
Thomas FleinerSwitzerland16 July 1938Attended the 1972 Bilderberg
Peter ForstmoserSwitzerland22 January 1943
Walter FrehnerSwitzerland18 June 1933Swiss banker
Arthur FurerSwitzerland19242013Unknown Swiss Bilderberger
Kurt FurglerSwitzerland24 June 192423 July 2008President of Switzerland. 3 Bilderbergs, from 1970 to 1980
Curt GasteygerSwitzerland1929Swiss academic who attended the 1975 and 1978 Bilderbergs
Fritz GerberSwitzerland22 March 1929Quad Bilderberger Swiss Drug company director
Andreas GerwigSwitzerland10 November 192830 April 2014Swiss politician
Jean-Claude GislingSwitzerland19364 November 2016
Hans GrothSwitzerlandDescribed as "Senior Director, Healthcare Policy & Market Access, Oncology Business Unit, Pfizer Europe" on the 2011 Bilderberg guest list.
Felix GutzwillerSwitzerland22 February 1948
Erich GyslingSwitzerland17 July 1936Swiss journalist
Fritz HalmSwitzerlandSwiss businessman
Henri HartungSwitzerlandSwiss academic who gave a presentation on The Internationalization of Business: The Social Aspect to the 1968 Bilderberg.
Hans HeckmannSwitzerlandExecutive Vice President and Member of the Executive Board, Union Bank of Switzerland. 4 Bilderbergs
Philipp HildebrandSwitzerland19 July 1963BIS, IMF, Quit as Swiss National Bank/Chair after details of his wife's currency trades emerged. Later vice chair of BlackRock.
Martina HirayamaSwitzerlandSwiss up-and-coming politician with a Bilderberg wind since 2019
André HoffmannSwitzerland31 May 1958Multi-billionaire big pharma, Bilderberg, World Economic Forum
F. Emmanuel IselinSwitzerlandSingle Bilderberg lawyer for SwissAir in 1967
Adolf W. JannSwitzerlandAbout the Seveso chemical disaster at his Hoffmann La Roche plant: "Capitalism means progress, and progress can lead sometimes to some inconvenience." When he was asked what he thought about the children crying in the hospitals, he said "It is normal: the children weep when they are subject to injections"
Robert JekerSwitzerland26 August 1935July 2012Swiss financier
Josef JoffeSwitzerland15 March 1944Publisher-editor of Die Zeit
Paul JollesSwitzerland25 December 191911 March 2000Quad Bilderberger Swiss diplomat businessman
Thomas JordanSwitzerland1963Swiss central banker
Jakob KellenbergerSwitzerland19 October 1944Swiss diplomat, president of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Bilderberg 1993
Walter KielholzSwitzerland25 February 1951
Christian KindSwitzerlandSwiss. Attended the 1979 and 1989 Bilderbergs
Alex KrauerSwitzerlandJune 1931Former Bilderberg Steering committee, Honorary Chairman of Novartis AG.
André KudelskiSwitzerland26 May 1960Bilderberg Steering Committee businessman
Doris LeuthardSwitzerland10 April 1963Single Bilderberg President of Switzerland
Willy LinderSwitzerland16 March 192215 August 2000Single Bilderberg economist journalist
Pierre Liotard-VogtSwitzerland14 December 190915 November 1987Attended the 1977 Bilderberg as President of Nestle
Fred LuchsingerSwitzerland9 July 19219 May 2009Newspaper editor, Le Cercle
Franz LütolfSwitzerland6 June 192418 January 2018General Manager and Member of the Executive Board of the Swiss Bank Corporation and a member of the Bilderberg Steering committee.
Bernard MachSwitzerlandFounder of Novimmune, Bilderberg 1970
Margrit MarkstallerSwitzerlandLocal organiser of the 1995 Bilderberg
Christa MarkwalderSwitzerland27 July 1975
Pierre MaudetSwitzerland6 March 1978
Ueli MaurerSwitzerland1 December 1950Populist politician joining the Bilderberg circuit
Beatrice Weder di MauroItaly
3 August 1965
Erich MettlerSwitzerlandSwiss foreign correspondent and editor
Claude MonnierSwitzerland
Felicien MorelSwitzerland4 March 1935
Paul H. MüllerSwitzerland
P. F. NiquilleSwitzerland
Marcel OspelSwitzerland
Heinrich OswaldSwitzerland
Max PetitpierreSwitzerland
Raymond ProbstSwitzerland
David de PurySwitzerland194326 December 2000Swiss neo-liberal economist, Bilderberg Steering committee
Eberhard ReinhardtSwitzerland8 November 190810 October 1977Swiss banker lawyer who attended the 1970 Bilderberg
Paul ReutlingerSwitzerland1943Worked for Swissair for 42 years.
Olivier ReverdinSwitzerland15 July 191316 June 2000
Michael RingierSwitzerland30 March 1949
Denis de RougementSwitzerland8 September 19066 December 1985Attended the first 4 Bilderbergs. Promoted European federalism
Susanne RuoffSwitzerland
Alfred SchaeferSwitzerland
Hans SchaffnerSwitzerland16 December 190826 November 2004
Martin SchmidSwitzerland24 May 1969
Max SchmidheinySwitzerland19081991
Stephan SchmidheinySwitzerland
Johann Schneider-AmmannSwitzerland18 February 1952Double Bilderberg Swiss President
Urs SchwarzSwitzerland25 February 190512 October 1996
Karel SchwarzenbergCzech Republic
10 December 1937
Rolf SchweigerSwitzerland9 January 1945
Louis SchweitzerSwitzerland8 July 1942Second generation Triple Bilderberger Swiss President of Le Siècle
Wolfgang SchürerSwitzerland
Rolf SoironSwitzerland31 January 1945
Cornelio SommarugaSwitzerland29 December 1932
Markus SpillmannSwitzerland5 October 1967
Barbara Janom SteinerSwitzerland2 April 1963
Georges StreichenbergSwitzerland
Pietro SupinoSwitzerland10 November 1965Bilderberger Swiss publisher
Hans-Peter TschudiSwitzerland22 October 191330 September 2002Single Bilderberg President of Switzerland
Victor UmbrichtSwitzerland25 October 19154 July 1988Bilderberg Steering committee, 15 Bilderbergs
Daniel VasellaSwitzerland15 August 1953Ex-Bilderberg Steering committee Swiss pharma director
Jean-François VerdonnetSwitzerland
Peter VoserSwitzerland29 August 1958
Francis WaldvogelSwitzerland
Sigmund WidmerSwitzerland30 July 191911 August 2003
Arthur WilhelmSwitzerland
Andreas Z'GraggenSwitzerland

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