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National public health agencies are bodies to advise governments on public health.


Such groups often act suspiciously in concert worldwide, i.e. "experts" in these bodies massage statistics to pressure governments for legislation, in the case of so called Pandemics emergency legislation and buying vaccination for their citizens from Big Pharma. Later - also in an orchestrated manner - excuses for 'being wrong' are frequently issued.

National public health agencies

International NPHI related organizations and centers covering several countries



Page nameDescription
Australia/National COVID-19 Coordination CommissionThe Australian government COVID-19 leadership, including Jane Halton from Event 201 and Bilderberger Andrew Liveris
CDCThe main US government body charged with preventing disease outbreaks
Canadian Institutes of Health ResearchFunding "research on the role of communication strategies and media discourse in shaping psychological and behavioral response to the COVID-19 outbreak."
Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the EnvironmentMassive role in Covid 19. Didn't support the usage of face masks.
High Council on Public Health (France)Responsible for providing decision support to the Minister of Health. Its extraordinary recommendations have played a big role in the implementation of the Covid-19 deep event in France.
Robert Koch InstituteGerman federal agency charged with preventing disease outbreaks
Scientific Advisory Group for EmergenciesSecretive group with "about 60" members and an uncertain amount of influence over the UK government on certain topics, such as the UK Covid lockdown. Ian Boyd claimed that the group's membership must be kept secret to protect it from "dark forces".


An official example

Robert Koch Institute
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