Philipp Hildebrand

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Person.png Philipp Hildebrand  Rdf-icon.png
(central banker)
Born Philipp Michael Hildebrand
Bern, Switzerland
Nationality Swiss
Children 3
Spouse Kashya Mahmood

Employment.png Swiss National Bank/Chair

In office
January, 2010, - 9 January 2012
Succeeded by Thomas Jordan
Resigned after details of his wife's currency trades emerged.

Philipp Hildebrand was Governor of the Swiss National Bank (SNB) from 2010 until he resigned on 9 January 2012 after controversy surrounding his wife's currency trading.[1][2]


Event Participated in

Bilderberg/201511 June 2015 - 14 June 2015Telfs-Buchen


  1. "Hildebrand Quits as Swiss National Bank Chief after Wife's Currency Trade", Bloomberg, January 9, 2012.
  2. "Ein Rücktritt sorgt für Glaubwürdigkeit: Kampagne gegen Hildebrand", Die Zeit, n.d. Headline translation (Google): "A withdrawal ensures credibility: Campaign against Hildebrand"; introduction (transl'n; page ("seite") 1): "The head of the Swiss National Bank withdraws. Not because he has violated laws, but to preserve its credibility. a comment". Per the (modestly competent machine) translation of the full page two, the word "smear" or apparent equivalent is not used.

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