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Would like to update the page with more revelations and the effect of them and Wikileaks in general. And the position and reactions of global intelligence agencies in general. Any hints to what could be moved or left out is welcome. - Jun

I take out the Wikispooks comment and place it here for the time being. It is very outdated and will irritate any onlooker imo. Can't edit it to fit again on short notice, will need some time to get an overview.

WikiLeaks has released millions of secret documents from countries around the world. Most are easily available on the Wikileaks site, [1] and make it a gold-mine of information for journalists working on stories that are crying out for public scrutiny. It is a sad reflection on the Western commercially-controlled media - subservient as it is by its very nature to the official narrative - that to date (August 2010) their efforts can be summarised as something close to "tut-tut, this is dangerous and must be brought under control - or stopped".

That said, it should be born in mind that ANY web site seen as potentially subversive to established authority and the official narrative, will quickly attract the attention of the SIS's once its readership and apparent influence reaches a certain threshold. Such attention can take many forms but will likely start with simple monitoring, before progressing through attempts at infiltration and/or co-option and the planting of information, to other less subtle forms of the [[Espionage

|spy's tradecraft]], should they become necessary in pursuit of Establishment hidden agendas.

-- Sunvalley (talk) 21:11, 16 March 2021 (UTC)
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