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(defector, author)
Georgi Markov.jpg
Born1 March 1929
Sofia, Bulgaria
Died11 September 1978 (Age 49)
Balham, London, England
Cause of death
ricin, poisoning
SpouseAnnabel Dilke
Victim ofassassination
A Bulgarian dissident writer who assassinated in 1978

Georgi Markov originally worked as a novelist and playwright, but during 1969 he defected from Bulgaria, then a Stalinist state governed by President Todor Zhivkov. After relocating to the West, he worked as a broadcaster and journalist for the BBC World Service, the US-funded Radio Free Europe, and Germany's Deutsche Welle. He criticised the Bulgarian Stalinist regime many times by radio. It is speculated that, as a result of this, the Bulgarian government decided to dispose of him. He was killed on a London street by an assassin who fired a ricin-containing pellet into his leg using an umbrella as a decoy weapon.

Official Narrative

The official narrative of the assassination holds that the assassin was a Bulgarian Agent operating with the assistance of the KGB. All the arguments and references for this narrative are well set out in the the Wikipedia main page on Markov [1] and the reader is referred there for them.

Alternative Narrative

What the Wikipedia article does not mention is an alternative hypothesis propounded by Gordon Logan which lays responsibility for the assassination squarely on Britain's MI6. The details of this hypothesis are set out in the following two pages which also allege a substantial connection between the Assassination of Georgi Markov and Media Magnate Robert Maxwell 13 years later.

Also, the Western powers have had full access to Bulgarian secret services, archives and personnel since the early 1990s. No documents, witnesses - not even false ones - or other substantiating evidence have been presented to the public. This would have been an important propaganda follow-up. This in itself is an indicator that there is something not right with official story.

The only thing the Western services have produced is KGB defectors like Oleg Gordievsky, an unreliable witness since he fingered every internal enemy of the MI5 and MI6 as Soviet agents.


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