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(economist, deep state operative)
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Karlskoga, Sweden
ResidenceWashington DC
Alma materStockholm School of Economics, Oxford University
Member ofAtlantic Council, Council on Foreign Relations/Members, Eurasia Foundation/Board and Trustees, Integrity Initiative/Cluster/US, Project Syndicate
Quad Bilderberger, Integrity Initiative. Worked on the Russian demographic catastrophe in the 1990s.

Anders Åslund is a Swedish born economist with US deep state connections.


Aslund did his military service at the Swedish Defence Forces Interpreter School in Uppsala and learned Russian there, a tell-tale sign of early intelligence connections.

He graduated with a degree in business administration from the Stockholm School of Economics and then applied for a diploma program at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Åslund was a diplomat in Kuwait, Poland, Geneva and Moscow. He speaks English, Russian, German, Polish and French fluently.

Åslund was a panelist for the session on Prospects For The Former Soviet Republics at the 1992 Bilderberg. He is a member of the Integrity Initiative's US Cluster.[1]

Åslund sat on the boards of the companies of deep state actor Adolf Lundin, brother of intelligence chief Bertil Lundin.[2]

Russian economic involvement

From November 1991 to January 1994, Åslund worked with Jeffrey Sachs and David Lipton as a senior advisor to the Russian reform government under President Boris Yeltsin and Acting Prime Minister Yegor Gaidar.[3] He worked also with Deputy Prime Ministers Anatoly Chubais and Boris Fedorov. This economic program led to several millions Russian dying early and a collapse in average life expectancy, thanks to a planned collapse in living standards and public services, but made large fortunes other places.

In 2013, his fellow neoconservative writer David Frum wrote that "Anders Aslund at the Peterson Institute is one of the world’s leading experts on the collapse of the planned Soviet economy,: a huge understatement, as Aslund was one of the main engineers behind this collapse.[4]

Later Career

He was fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington DC from 1994 to 2005. From 2006 to 2015, he worked at the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

He is as of 2020 a Board Member of the influential NATO think-tank Atlantic Council.


  • 1995 - How Russia Became a Market Economy


A Document by Anders Åslund

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:F-16 for Ukraine - An open letter to Joseph Bidenopen letter8 May 20232022 Russian invasion of Ukraine
Military-industrial-congressional complex
Open letter to US President Joe Biden from European deep state minions, pleading for an escalation in Ukraine, and NATO membership. Lo and behold, a week after the letter, Biden approved F-16s, indicating that the letter was astroturf to make a decision already decided seem like done by European demand...
Includes barely hidden threatening of those that blocked NATO accession in 2008, who bear "a grave responsibility" and "will be careful not to hinder it again."


Events Participated in

Bilderberg/199010 May 199013 May 1990New York
Glen Cove
38th Bilderberg meeting, 119 guests
Bilderberg/199221 May 199224 May 1992France
Royal Club Evian
The 40th Bilderberg. It had 121 participants.
Bilderberg/199630 May 19962 June 1996Canada
The 44th Bilderberg, held in Canada
Bilderberg/19993 June 19996 June 1999Portugal
The 47th Bilderberg, 111 participants
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