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The Spanish deep state

The Spanish deep state can be understood as a continuation of the regime of Francisco Franco. It is class based in the bourgeoisie, the victors in the civil war 1936-39. After the democratization 1975-81, the civil service was never really reformed. The police, the army and the business leaders consisted of the same people. The new generation journalists and editors (see Juan Luis Cebrián)and right wing politicians (see José María Aznar) were the sons and daughters of important people in the old regime, shedding the outward fascism, but never being in doubt of who should rule the state.[citation needed]

In 2021, ex-President of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont made the same point, that the Spanish deep state of today is the same as the Franco-era deep state.[1]

Cold War

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The military cooperation with the US and NATO during the Cold War created structures that run parallel to the elected government.[citation needed]

Fascist haven

During the Cold War, Spain was a hub and safe haven for fascist and nazi networks, including Operation Gladio. Former SS general Otto Skorzeny ran some of these connections from his asylum in Spain.

These networks collaborated with the CIA in the fight against Communism. Italian fascist, after the failed Borghese Coup sought refuge in Spain. Some, such as Stefano delle Chiaie moved on with the help of the CIA to South America, where they were employed by the intelligence agencies.[2]


Death squads were used against Basque separatists, killing several hundreds in the 1970-80s, both under the Franco regime and the elected governments. Stefano delle Chiaie worked for one of them for a few years. Also the Social Democrat government of Felipe Gonzalez used them.


The 2017 Barcelona attacks, a series of terrorist attacks in the Spanish region of Catalonia, killing 16 civilians and injuring 152, was revealed to be the result of intimate connections between an Islamist cell and Spanish intelligence services.

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A timeline of the Moncloa campaign, a covert smear campaign by the Integrity Initiative's Spanish cluster to block the appointment of Pedro Baños as Director of the Spanish Department of Homeland Security on grounds of alleged pro-Kremlin sympathies. This document was part of the first Integrity Initiative leak, released in November 2018.

Integrity Initiative Spanish Cluster

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In 2017, the Institute for Statecraft began a process of metastasis in the form of the Integrity Initiative Clusters, which we compartmentalised cells controlled from HQ in London. The first cluster to be set up, in January 2017,[3] was the Spanish cluster, exposed by the first Integrity Initiative Leak in November 2018.