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In this interview Kary Mullis explains why he lost his trust in the medical system.

Disclaimer (#3)Document.png interview  by Kary Mullis dated 2009
Subjects: Medical Mafia, Big Pharma
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Excerpted from the interview with Kary Mullis from the documentary House of Numbers[1]

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Interview from House of Numbers (Documentary)

The first time I really questioned it, I was working on a project where we were measuring HIV in people's blood. At this place called Specialty Laboratories in Santa Monica. I was just a consultant there and I came in about three days a month, and we were working on that and at some point we needed to re-up our grant from the NIH to work on that and I had to write it. And so the first line of that was "HIV is the probable cause of AIDS". I wrote that and then I said, well I need a paper, some kind of scientific paper, to reference that statement. Because when you make a scientific statement like that, that's like a fact, you need to say here's how come I know that, right. You put a little one, if it's the first statement you've made and then you put down at the bottom of the paper you have a one, you say here's a paper by somebody that describes why that statement is true, right. And so i said [unintelligeble] let me think about, what is that paper, where do I go to for that and I looked around, I asked a couple of virologists at that company and they said 'no you don't have to reference', I said I have to reference that because I don't know, I don't know where that came from, how do I know that? And it turned out that nobody knew it. There wasn't a scientific reference, like a, a paper that somebody had submitted, with like experimental data in it, and like logical discussion and said here's how come we know that HIV is the probable cause of AIDS. There was nothing out there like that, nothing. [...]

By the time I met Luc Montagnier I had met a lot of AIDS researchers at meetings, and I had always gone up to them, if they talked like they knew about HIV and AIDS, I always went up to him afterwards and I said: where can I find a scientific reference that I can use for my, remember I said I had a sentence there it said "HIV is the probable cause of AIDS" and I needed to have that backed up by something, before I could write it and submit it. And I went around, I asked a whole lot of people, I said, well, you know, [unintelligible] I can't find it. First I looked for, you know, just in like computer searching kind of stuff like that, but then I said got to be somebody that knows this, you go to experts and ask them. And so I ask all these people one after the other and none of them had it, none of them. And I was getting really freaked about that, that's when I first started saying they don't know, nobody really knows. This whole thing is a big sham, it's ridiculous. But then finally Montagnier came to a, there was a special little seminar down in San Diego where an old friend of Robert Gallos, Flossie Wong-Staal, was opening up a department of AIDS research down at San Diego they had big, lots of money involved, federal money, and they had Montagnier come there and give a talk and after that they had a little wine and cheese thing, and I went over to Montagnier afterwards and I said, uh Dr Montagnier I have a, I can't find a reference like who, I can't find a reference to go with the statement "HIV is the probable cause of AIDS". I'm sure you can help me, and (...) he knew that he probably should be able to help me.

And he said well why don't you quote this new work, this, and by new he meant like something came out this year, right, this new work about a virus that can kill monkeys. Or I think it was not monkeys, it was like something related to monkeys, some kind of a baby, a little ape. And I had read that and I said that didn't, it was like supposedly going to be a model system for studying AIDS if somebody had figured out some kind of retrovirus that passing it back and forth between various mammals they could probably, they could finally put it into chimpanzees and kill them. And it killed them in about a week, and it didn't kill them in any, there was nothing like AIDS there you know. It doesn't kill you in a week. This is totally ridiculous, none of the symptoms were the same, and I said, I said well you know I read that paper, and I didn't see any connection between that and AIDS and [unintelligible] I wouldn't want to use that as a reference, and (...), I don't remember exactly what he said but I know he walked away.

Oh, no before he told me about that paper he said: why don't you use the NIH, like the CDC report, and I said well I looked at that and that was not a scientific paper. And then he said, what about this other thing, this like paper. That had just come out about a month before, and it, a lot of fanfare associated with that paper but it was total crap. It was like, yeah, if you get two million dollars you can figure out how to kill a primate with a retrovirus, so what. Doesn't have anything to do with AIDS. It didn't look like AIDS, it didn't smell like AIDS, it wasn't AIDS, it was just like, got a retrovirus that can kill a chimpanzee, so what? So, I didn't get any more out of him he walked away after that, and the people standing around by the way who were his colleagues there, looked at him like they were thinking he should come up with a better answer than that. But he couldn't, and that's he just turned around and walked away. I really thought he'd have an answer, I really did. I mean that was my last, I was right at the edge of my faith in the system, but I thought Montagnier will know why he thinks HIV causes it, and he'll tell me, he'll say because of this study, you know, but he didn't have that. None of those guys have that. And that's why they're so, they're so weird, you know, that's why they don't want to say, they don't want people like me walking up and asking them those kind of questions. And they're willing to like go to great lengths to prevent that. They're out on a limb I wouldn't want to be there with them.

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