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Concept.png Independent media
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In comparison with corporate media.
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Media that is not part of the corporate media system, mostly independently and tenuously funded.

Independent media is media that is not part of the corporate media system, mostly independently - and very tenuously - funded.

“We are subject to no editorial oversight or control, apart from our own self-imposed sense of what is right and fair, or in some cases what we think our readers are ready to hear. We have no bosses or advertisers to please or appease. Our owners are the readers. And with an owner that diverse and diffuse, we have been freed of the tyranny of billionaires and corporations.


This new model of journalism is revolutionary. It is genuinely pluralistic media. It allows a much wider spectrum of thought to reach the mainstream than ever before. And perhaps even more importantly, it allows independent journalists to examine, critique and expose the corporate media in real time, showing how little pluralism they allow and how often they resort to blatant falsehood and propaganda techniques.”
Jonathan Cook (2021)  [1]

"Fake news"

Full article: Fake news

Commercially-controlled media regularly charges independent media with producing "fake news", a phrase which arose from The Deep State's "fake news website" project to try to boost flagging trust in corporate media.

Functioning as Independent?

An interesting case are some state media that gives output similar to independent media. These media outlets are often financed by states Western governments have an adversarial line towards, and that don't get their voices heard in Western corporate media. The most known ones are Russia Today. Sputnik, Press TV and TeleSUR, but also others.

These channels employ or let speak Western dissidents, thereby giving the same output as Western independent media, and of high quality, but can follow unstated official editorial lines in some areas. The Qatari channel Al Jazeera could have been counted here in the start of its transmissions, when it dared to show contents that displeased the powers that be, but it experienced a drastic editorial change in the late 2000s.



Page nameDescription
Anti-EmpireSite concentrating on independent geopolitical analysis. Covid-19 dissident.
Antiwar.comAntiwar news and viewpoints since 1995; has moved closer to official narratives over the years
Bella Caledonia
Black Agenda ReportIndependent media outlet with a black American left-wing angle. Covers deep politics.
Breitbart News
Children's Health DefenseCritic of vaccine safety and other health issues
Craig Murray's blogThe blog of a former UK diplomat of rare perspicacity and integrity, whose blog was "jolted back out of retirement" by the "horrifying" spectacle of Tony Blair speaking at Ariel Sharon’s Funeral
Daily Expose"Misinformation" website based in Great Britain.
Dissident Voice"A radical newsletter in the struggle for peace and justice".
Fort RussNamed as an outlet of "Fake News" by PropOrNot.
Geopolitics & EmpirePodcast censored by Western corporate/governments for Covid-19 coverage and other deep state subjects.
Global ResearchA research and media organization based in Montreal, Canada, and highly recommended source of independent news
GreatGameIndiaIndian website on international affairs, often writing on deep state topics.
If Americans KnewTour-de-force website of US journalist Alison Weir. It focuses on the historical and ongoing injustices perpetrated by the state of Israel against the non-Jewish people of Palestine.
Information Clearing HouseOne of the central independent media outlets. Tries to tell the stories that corporate media never will. Includes a lot of videos.
InfowarsA website operated by Alex Jones. Loved by its fans, disliked by many in powerful positions. Heavily censored by Big Tech.
Jerm WarfareLong-format interviews on a number of subjects with a number of personalities, often dissidents in their field or independent analysts.
JohnPilger.comThe films and journalism of John Pilger
Jonathan Cook/Website
LewRockwell.comNamed as an outlet of "Fake News" by PropOrNot.
No Lies Radio
OffGuardianProduced by a group of Guardian readers unhappy with its censorship policy
Oracle FilmsAnti establishment filmmaking
Press TVAn Iranian English-speaking media channel notably banned from the UK and US
Ron Paul InstituteIndependent thinking with a libertarian angle
Russia TodayA global TV channel backed by the Russian government. Allows Western dissidents on air and some deep politics to be discussed. Putting a positive spin on the government, but not too bad coverage of Russia either.
Salem NewsOregon based online newsgroup
Slavyangrad.orgWebsite (now inactive) that supported the rebels in Eastern Ukraine
Socialist ReviewThe monthly magazine of the British Socialist Workers Party
South FrontRussian-friendly video analysis site. Has faced massive Western corporate/government censorship.
StephenLendman.orgThe website of US analyst Stephen Lendman
The Corbett ReportNamed as an outlet of "Fake News" by PropOrNot.
The Gateway PunditThe Gateway Pundit is an online news publication consisting of news, commentary and analysis.
The Jimmy Dore ShowAmerican political comedy show.
The Kim Iversen ShowIndependent analysis of today's politics. Foreign Policy, Pandemic, Elections and More.
The Last American VagabondHeavily censored by Western corporate/governments for Covid-19 coverage and other deep state subjects.
The Real NewsNamed as an outlet of "Fake News".
The Truthseeker
TruePublicaUK independent media website.
Truthstream MediaAn internet based, independent media outlet.
UnHerdBritish online magazine; "hosting alternative viewpoints to a mainstream audience". Does however financially tie in with the George Soros network.
Unlimited HangoutIndependent news website feauring Whitney Webb and Vanessa Beeley
Unwelcome Guests1500 hours of highly recommended dissident thought, indexed by category and author.
Vineyard of the SakerGeo-political analysis demonstrating particular expertise on Russia and the Middle East


Related Quotations

James Corbett“When there is a question mark in the headline, the answer is always no.”James Corbett22 October 2021
John Laughland“A feature of today’s mass media culture which many dissidents lazily and wrongly denounce as "totalitarian" is precisely that dissenting views may be expressed and published, but this is precisely because, being mere drops in the ocean, they are never a threat to the tide of propaganda.”John Laughland2010