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(software developer, businessman, publisher)
BornRon Keeva Unz
20 September 1961
North Hollywood, California
Alma materHarvard University, University of Cambridge
Founder ofThe Unz Review
Member ofThe Unz Review
Publisher of The Unz Review.

Ron Unz is a theoretical physicist, software developer, entrepreneur, writer and publisher. Unz financed and ran the campaign in 1998 for California ballot Proposition 227 that restricted bilingual education programs in public schools, and has been the financial supporter of an ideologically diverse list of causes.[1]


Ron Unz ran for the seat of Governor of California in 1994 and for the US Senate in 2016.[2] In the 1990s, he was a donor to right-of-center and libertarian public policy organizations the Manhattan Institute, the Reason Foundation and a financial backer of the far-left Counterpunch magazine. From 2007-2013 he was the publisher of The American Conservative and now The Unz Review.


Since early 2020 Unz has promoted the idea that COVID-19 is of non-natural origin. He suggests that it was a bioweapon released in China by the US military.[3][4]

In 2012 he analyzed the death rates from the drug Vioxx by Merck:

“A cursory examination of the most recent 15 years worth of national mortality data...offers some intriguing clues to this mystery. We find the largest rise in American mortality rates occurred in 1999, the year Vioxx was introduced, while the largest drop occurred in 2004, the year it was withdrawn. Vioxx was almost entirely marketed to the elderly, and these substantial changes in national death-rate were completely concentrated within the 65-plus population. The FDA studies had proven that use of Vioxx led to deaths from cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks and strokes, and these were exactly the factors driving the changes in national mortality rates. The impact of these shifts was not small. After a decade of remaining roughly constant, the overall American death rate began a substantial decline in 2004, soon falling by approximately 5 percent, despite the continued aging of the population. This drop corresponds to roughly 100,000 fewer deaths per year. The age-adjusted decline in death rates was considerably greater.”
Ron Unz (April 17, 2012)  [5]


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