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Foundation funding“big establishment foundations are likely to seek out "alternative" media that is more bark than bite, which they can rely on to ignore and dismiss sensitive topics like those mentioned above — and many more — as "irrelevant distractions" or "conspiracy theory" [...]

Recipients of funding will always protest that they are not swayed by any conflicts of interest and don't allow the sources of funding to affect their decisions, but whether or not these claims are actually true is already somewhat of a red herring. The more important question is, what sort of 'alternative' journalism garners the goodwill of the Ford Foundation corporate rogues gallery in the first place? Or the Rockefeller Foundation? Or Carnegie Foundation, Soros, and Schumann?

Judging by the journalism being offered (and not offered) by Nation magazine, FAIR, Pacifica, Progressive magazine, IPA, Mother Jones, Alternet, and other recipients of their funding, the big establishment foundations are successfully sponsoring the kind of "opposition" that the US ruling elite can tolerate and live with.”
Brian Salter


A document sourced from Mother Jones

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:Their Will Be DonearticleCIA
Intelligence agency
Knights of Malta
Vatican City
Catholic Church
Opus Dei
1 August 1983Martin A LeeHow the CIA targets powerful hierarchies for infiltration and influence. The Roman Catholic Church's claim to be the one and only authentic 'Church of Christ on Earth' does not exempt them from exploitation by deep politicians. This article powerfully demonstrates both the Catholic Church's power and its susceptibility to the machinations of Mammon. As they say in South America, "When the CIA goes to church, it doesn't go to pray."

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