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Prohibition in us.jpg
Alcohol was prohibited in 1920, a law which would be in effect for 13 years.

1920 saw the formation of Chatham House, a UK deep state milieu.


Full article: Prohibition

On Janury 17, 1920, the consumption and production of alcohol was banned in USA. This was ostensibly an effort to tackle social problems stemming from alcohol consumption. In fact, it seems to have been more about protecting the profits of John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil. It was a boon to organised crime in USA - net alcohol consumption was reduced little if at all, creating a highly profitable illegal business opportunity. In this way, it was a foreshadowing of Richard Nixon's deceitful "War on Drugs" of the 1970s, which fuelled the growth of deep state groups globally.

Chatham House

Full article: Chatham House

The Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) was founded in 1920 as the 'Institute of International Affairs' following a meeting at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference and was to become an important deep state milieu. The first chairman of Chatham House was Robert Cecil, 1st Viscount Cecil of Chelwood, while Lionel Curtis was honorary secretary.



Spanish fluJanuary 1918December 1920A pandemic starting at the end of WW1, which killed perhaps 50 million
Irish War of Independence19191921
Palmer RaidsNovember 1919January 1920A series of raids in 1919-1920 to capture and arrest foreign-born leftists and deport them from the United States. Breakthrough for J. Edgar Hoover.
Prohibition17 January 19205 December 1933The banning of drinkable alcohol (ethanol). This served multiple hypocritical purposes, much like the later "war on drugs". High on the list, as usual, were the private interests of the small clique who arranged it.


New Groups

University of PoznańAdam Mickiewicz University.pngThe university's prestige and large class size have enabled it to graduate a large number of distinguished alumni.
Athens University of Economics and BusinessAthens University of Economics and Business Logo.jpgEconomics and Business University
Corvinus University of BudapestBCE logo.pngUniversityOne of the universities in Budapest
World Confederation of LabourWorld Confederation of Labour.svg
Australian Institute of International AffairsLogoAIIAblueverysmall.JPGAustralian think tank focusing on International relations. Formed in the 1920s as an affiliate of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.
Chatham HouseChatham house.jpgThink tankA key organ of the UK Deep state
Bandung Institute of TechnologyInstitut Teknologi Bandung logo.pngUniversityTop choice among Indonesia's high school students in 2006
Salem Castle SchoolGroup.pngSchoolOne of the most elite schools in Europe.
Crypto AGCrypto AG.pngManufacturers of notoriously backdoored cryptographic communication systems, owned by the CIA.
University of TurkuUniversity of Turku.pngPublic UniversityFinnish-speaking university
University of National and World EconomyLogo UNWE Sofia.pngEconomic university in Bulgaria
Air UniversityAir University logo.pngUniversity system for the United States Air Force
League of NationsGroup.png
Communist Party of Great BritainGroup.pngBritish communist party.
Ulster Special ConstabularyGroup.png



TitleBornDiedPlace of deathSummaryDescription
Walter Cunliffe3 December 18556 January 1920United Kingdom
Headley Court
Central banker
Max Weber21 April 186414 June 1920SociologistRenowned sociologist
George Perkins Sr31 January 186218 June 1920New York
Deep state functionary
Jacob Schiff184725 September 1920New York
New York State
Deep state operative



TitleBornPlace of birthDiedSummaryDescription
Cord Meyer192013 March 2001Spook
Deep state operative
CIA spook who may have run the cover up of the JFK assassination
John Overbey1920February 2006Spook
Lifelong friend of GHWB
Shapoor Reporter1920Iran
Arms Dealer
John Whitten19202000Spook
Don Juan Jose Rovira192014 June 2007DiplomatSpanish diplomat who led several round of negotiations with the U.S. over military bases in Spain. Attended Bilderberg 1978 as outgoing Ambassador to the United States.
Mehdi Ben BarkaJanuary 1920Morocco
Andrew Cavendish2 January 1920London
United Kingdom
3 May 2004
William Colby4 January 1920Minnesota
St. Paul
27 April 1996Spook
Deep politician
CIA boss who maybe became too loose-mouthed, died in suspicious circumstances
Cecil Stoughton18 January 1920United States
3 November 2008PhotographerOfficial photographer present at JFK assassination
Javier Pérez de Cuéllar19 January 1920Peru
4 March 2020Peruvian diplomat
Melvin Lasky20 January 1920New York
19 May 2004JournalistUS journalist, intellectual, with suspected CIA ties
Irving Kristol22 January 1920New York
18 September 2009Academic
"The Godfather of Neoconservatism"
Walter John Stoessel24 January 1920United States
9 December 1986Diplomat
Stewart Udall31 January 1920Arizona
St. Johns
20 March 2010
Iain Hamilton3 February 192015 July 1986Journalist
Annæus Schjødt Jr.3 February 19204 November 2014Spook
Norwegian lawyer with deep ties to Mossad, including marrying one of the murderers in the Lillehammer assassination.
Farouk al-Awwal11 February 1920Egypt
Abdeen Palace
18 March 1965KingPuppet king of Egypt under British rule. Deposed in a 1952 CIA-backed coup.
Antony Duff25 February 192013 August 2000Diplomat
Philip Habib25 February 1920New York
United States
25 May 1992DiplomatUS diplomat who died aged 72 of a cardiac arrhythmia the day after the 1992 Bilderberg where he was a panelist on Whither The United States?
Sun Myung Moon25 February 1920Chongju
North P'yŏng'an
Japanese Korea
3 September 2012ClergySouth Korean religious and business leader. Founder of the Unification movement.
Jean Lecanuet4 March 1920France
22 February 1993PoliticianFrench Minister of Justice. 1965 and 1966 Bilderberg
Carl Kaysen5 March 19208 February 2010AcademicUS/Deputy National Security Advisor 1961-63
Kåre Kristiansen11 March 19203 December 2005PoliticianAttended the 1984 Bilderberg as Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy
Donald Hornig17 March 1920United States
21 January 2013Chemist
US nuclear detonators scientist and presidential science advisor
John Vogt18 March 1920New Jersey
16 April 2010PilotUS Air Force officer with extensive work for the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the bombing of Vietnam, who attended the 1971 Bilderberg meeting. After retirement, part of Team B, a rigged intelligence analyst group to inflate the Soviet threat.
Geoffrey Arthur19 March 192015 May 1984DiplomatUK diplomat to the Middle East, then Chair of the Joint Intelligence Committee.
Kurt Becker31 March 1920Germany
10 May 1987EditorGerman editor-in-chief and government spokesman. Attended Bilderberg/1967 and Bilderberg/1975. Member of Atlantik-Brücke.
Dorothy Hunt1 April 1920US
8 December 1972Spook
JFK/Assassination/Premature death
Spook, wife of Watergate/JFK assassination conspirator, E. Howard Hunt. Killed in a plane suspicious crash.
Barend Biesheuvel5 April 1920Netherlands
29 April 2001Politician1968 Bilderberg. Dutch PM 1971-73
Roberto Calvi13 April 1920Italy
17 June 1982BankerAn Italian banker dubbed "God's Banker" (Italian: Banchiere di Dio) by the press because of his close association with the Holy See. Found death, hanging from a bridge in London.
Richard von Weizsacker15 April 1920Germany
31 January 2015PoliticianGerman deep state functionary?
Boonruen Choonhavan25 April 1920Thailand
14 August 2021Politician
The widow of the former Prime Minister of Thailand died of a "COVID 19 related illness". Also a relative of the Queen Mother Srinagarindra.
Jacob Esterline26 April 1920Pennsylvania
16 October 1999SpookDeputy chief of the CIA Western Hemisphere division
Michele Sindona8 May 1920Italy
22 March 1986Banker
Deep state actor
A financier and member of the Italian deep state
Karol Wojtyła18 May 1920Poland
2 April 2005PopePope John Paul II
Joe Cahill19 May 1920Belfast
23 July 2004Chief of Staff of the PIRA
George Bell24 May 1920Canada
15 October 2000Soldier
Single Bilderberger
Edward Bennett Williams31 May 1920Connecticut
13 August 1988Lawyer
Russel Train4 June 1920United States
Rhode Island
17 September 2012
Albin Chalandon11 June 1920France
29 July 2020Politician
French Gaullist politician who attended a Bilderberg in both the 1960s and 70s. French Minister of Justice in the late 1980s. A close collaborator of president Charles de Gaulle, a biography described him as "the man of secret networks, the powers of money, hidden financing, etc."
Raymond Pennock16 June 192023 February 1993BusinesspersonUK businessman CBI President 1980-82
José López Portillo16 June 1920Mexico
Mexico City
17 February 2004Politician
Mexican president who put country in unpayable debt trap. Later revealed to be CIA collaborator. Also escalated the supranational deep state drug trafficking.
Anthony Barber4 July 1920United Kingdom
16 December 2005Politician
John Horan9 July 192022 January 2011BusinesspersonLed Merck in becoming the largest pharmaceutical company in the world
Dick Franks13 July 1920Hampstead12 October 2008SpookHead of MI6
Eldon Rudd15 July 1920Arizona
Camp Verde
8 February 2002Politician
Cartha DeLoach20 July 1920Claxton
Georgia (State)
13 March 2013Police officerThird most senior official in the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolson. Member of the Knights of Malta.
Elliot Richardson20 July 1920US
31 December 1999Pilgrims, Bilderberg, TLC, wrote in the New York Times that he believed Danny Casolaro was murdered.
Robert Boulin20 July 192030 October 1979PoliticianFrench politician who died a sudden and irregular death. It was ruled a suicide.
Joseph Sneed21 July 1920United States
9 February 2008
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