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(Health care worker, Covid-19 dissenter, Science dissident)
Exposed • Marianna Spring
• COVID-19/Euthanasia
InterestsFreedom of speech
UK writer and researcher with a background in journalism and health care. Published Pseudopandemic in June 2021

Iain Davis is a UK based writer and researcher with a background in journalism who worked in the health care field.[1] In June 2021 he published his book: Pseudopandemic: New Normal Technocracy (as of late September 2021, the book can be downloaded as PDF for a newsletter subscription).[2]

Iain Davis, of In This Together, on "pandemic" narratives & on "exercising our inalienable rights" / Eva K Bartlett

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Quotes by Iain Davis

"Conspiracy mindset"““Conspiracy belief”, “conspiracy thinking”, “conspiracy mindset”, “conspiracy predispositions”, “conspiracist ideation”, “conspiracy ideology”, “conspiracy mentality” and “conspiracy worldview” — most of these apparently serving no distinct purpose other than an attempt at elegant variation — are all terms based upon the psychologists' own delusional beliefs. For some reason, all those researching the psychology of those they have labelled conspiracy theorist imagine, without reason, that the so-named “conspiracists” don’t have any evidence to back up their arguments.”1 August 2022UK Column
COVID-19/Panic“People in the UK widely believed that the pseudopandemic was real, not because the scientific or statistical evidence was clear but because the government spent billions with PR firms to run “hard-hitting” media campaigns designed to convince them of it.”16 August 2022UKColumn
Imperial College London“For the core conspirators, their control of global health authorities meant the pseudopandemic progressed smoothly. The UK State, along with the rest, doffed their caps, believed everything Imperial College and the WHO told them, asked no questions, and set about destroying their own nation and the people who lived in it.”2021Pseudopandemic
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