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Video hosting website. Alternative to YouTube.

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Started: January 2017

Constitutes: Alt Tech

Main focus: Free speech

BitChute is a video hosting website which experienced a large rise in traffic during early 2020, as YouTube was active in censoring material about COVID-19 which questioned or dissented from the official narrative.


Twitter began blocking any tweets which linked to BitChute videos in August 2020.[1]

In December 2020, Bitchute began censoring "extremist content" after pressure from the UK/US NGO Hope Not Hate, an stated anti-racist organization which also uses its clout to further deep state agendas, such as reducing "vaccine hesitancy"[2], support the dirty campaign against Jeremy Corbyn[3], and the ever expanding general government/corporate censorship[4]. The same month, Bitchute removed the channel of the neofascist Scandinavian group Nordic Resistance Movement. The company did already have a set of community guidelines which prohibited "incitement to violence, terrorism, pirating movies"[5], but in this instance the ban seems to be on more general grounds. As analyst Ciaran Brennan pointed out "While it is perfectly reasonable to take exception to the group in question, one must appreciate that once precedents are set there is no stopping the censorship machine....Like YouTube beforehand, deplatforming begins with the hardcore fringes but doesn’t end there." [6]

Bitchute was also put under financial pressure. As a result, the company lost some server hosting, its office space, and other suppliers. It also lost our bank account with HSBC, a bank account it had held without any issues since the launch in 2017. When Bitchute tried to open a new account with a different bank and transfer its money, the new bank rejected Bitchute just as the funds had reached them. The money was returned to HSBC, but Bitchute could no longer access it, and as of December 2022, still has not retrieved its money from HSBC.[7]

Technical details

Bitchute was intended as peer-to-peer platform, so that users would share their bandwidth for videos they are currently watching with others; apparently this was not practicable and BitChute uses centralized servers for it's content. In case a video does not start the playback, which happens on occasion, manually changing the 'seed' server can help.[8]


Bitchute has integrated video feeds from Rumble.[9]

BitChute on Wikispooks

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 Has bitchuteDescription
'reallygraceful' Youtuber with an interest in secret societies and mystery religions.
Helen Buyniski
David Chandler
Dave Cullen Youtuber and political dissident.
Ryan Dawson historian and activist; founder of the Anti Neocon Report
James Delingpole COVID-19 Dissident journalist
Dollar Vigilante
Geopolitics & Empire censored by Western corporate/governments for Covid-19 coverage and other deep state subjects.
Maryam Henein and health practitioner, known for Vanishing of the Bees.
Howbadismybatch group that looked at the VAERS database and found that some batches of the "Covid 19 vaccine" are way more likely to cause harm than others.
IceAgeFarmer based researcher with an interest in the manipulation of the global food supply, the coming global solar minimum, to the globalist plan to "reset the table" and transform global food systems.
Max Igan
Memory Hole Blog forum for news, criticism and commentary on sociopolitical issues and phenomena overlooked or misreported by corporate media
William Ramsey
Greg Reese and journalist based in the US.
Martin Sellner wing activist from Austria
Inessa Sinchougova S has worked as translator of Russian texts for years.
Spiro Skouras
Lauren Southern Southern is a Canadian activist. Probably the most famous personality in the Culture war of the late 2010s.
Styxhexenhammer666 American libertarian YouTuber.
The Corbett Report as an outlet of "Fake News" by PropOrNot. Censored and deranked by Youtube and Twitter.
The Last American Vagabond censored by Western corporate/governments for Covid-19 coverage and other deep state subjects.
Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson activist and candidate from British Columbia
Brittany Venti American internet celebrity, who has been deeply affected by censorship on social media.
Gerhard Wisnewski filmmaker and 9-11 dissident

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