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Invoice from Eduard Abrahamyan for work performed

Disclaimer (#3)Document.png invoice  by Integrity Initiative dated 26 December 2018
Subjects: Eduard Abrahamyan
Example of: Integrity Initiative/Leak/4
Source: Anonymous (Link)

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Invoice Eduard Abrahamyan

Your Name: Eduard Abrahamyan
Address: 25 Flat, 10 Lower Lee str.,
LE1 3RG, Leicester - UK
Telephone: +447448007879

Invoice #3
Date: 30/05/2018

The Institute for Statecraft
2 Temple Place, London, UK


Detailed description of work completed and Price

  • Eduard Abrahamyan briefed the audience about the ongoing dynamics of Armenia’s domestic and foreign policy. £250.00
  • Round trip bus tickets from Leicester-London-Leicester £15.00
  • TOTAL £265.00

Date of publication:

Bank account details in the UK:

HSBC Bank plc
account number: 22436108
sort code: 40-05-16
account holder: Eduard Abrahamyan