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An anonymously authored ebook purporting to explain the motivation, genesis and execution of the 9/11 attacks.

Disclaimer (#3)Document.png book  by Anonymous
Subjects: 9-11, 9-11/Israel did it
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September 11 Commission Report


This project started with a curiosity about the questionable circumstances surrounding the murder of Nick Berg, a US entrepreneur in Iraq who reportedly was in the wrong place at the wrong time. That curiosity led to research, which led to this report. Herein is a story – a true story - that needs to be told. Even without the ‘need’ for it to be told, it represents a mesmerizing story of intrigue, assassination, mystery, scandal, fraud, theft, cover-up, and twisted patriotism. It is a true story about real individuals, the list of which includes terrorists, spies (KGB, Mossad, CIA, FBI), murder victims, assassinated corporate heads, politicians, billionaires, international bank board members, Russian Mafiya, American mafia, Nazis, an Imperial family, and even a Grand Master of the Teutonic Order (Templars) from the crusades! It is a story about money laundering, illegal gold, securities fraud, conflict diamonds, weapons trading, drugs, espionage and international stock market manipulation. It is a story about a several layers of façade and false leads. It is a story in which the motive for the crime is measured in hundreds of billions of dollars, and has relatively little to do with oil. It is a story which explains the execution of seemingly innocent civilians in Iraq, the attack on the World Trade Center, and the attack on the US economy. It is a story that provides coherent meaning to what has been viewed as a collage of seemingly inconsistent, contradictory, inexplicable and just plain inconvenient facts.

The search for an acceptable explanation for the death of Nick Berg in the summer of 2004 engendered more questions than answers – at first. The answers to these questions resulted in an interpretation of current events in the Middle East and the US that seemed far removed from any currently available explanations or hypotheses. The conclusion of this investigation is that Nick Berg was in all likelihood an agent of an Israeli secret service, executed by elements of the Israeli secret service, for reasons that are explained in the report. That hypothesis was so seemingly incredible that it begged “challenging.” The hypothesis has been challenged numerous times, and each time there are multiple accounts in the media that provide answers that are consistent with the conclusions presented in the research. Examples of such “if –then” tests (such as if X happened, then shouldn’t Y happen?) are:

  • If the hypothesis used to explain the reasons for Nick Berg’s execution is accurate, shouldn’t it also be valid for subsequent executions by the same group? (It is!)
  • If the Deutsche Bank was attempting to cover-up illicit gold movements, should one expect to find news which links the Deutsche Bank to illicit gold hoardings, measured in hundreds of tonnes? (There are such reports!)
  • If the German banking cartel had responsibility for initiating the September 11 attack, should one be able to demonstrate their ability to activate Muslim and Mossad agents. (It can be demonstrated, with multiple connections.)

In none of the testing of hypotheses did the available information contradict one of the major conclusions of this paper: the official US government interpretation of terrorist activity confronting America is deliberately misleading, and the list of “bad guys” is totally different than what the public has been led to believe.


Please note that this report generally follows several important rules of research:

  • This report uses as many independent sources as possible, rather than relying on government press releases and mainstream media. In this report, there is evidence from U.S. agents themselves, that the US government has forced a CIA translator, a CIA agent and three FBI agents to fabricate and distort information on the 9/11 investigation. These people are in court to bring out the truth, and protect themselves from repercussions. These five are only the ones coming forward publicly. The public needs to ask - how many more remain silent? (Internet reports suggest up to 200 government agents are ready to testify against the administration.) There is also evidence from two college professors that the CIA deliberately falsified video-tape evidence. There is evidence presented from Underwriter Laboratories that the government has presented false information.
  • Questions are best formulated by studying a situation and asking “What information is missing?” With the hundreds of investigative reporters in the world attempting to uncover the truth about 9/11, major points of evidence are totally ignored by the US government and many conspiracy theorists, and treated as ‘inconvenient’ facts. This report does not ignore them. Surprisingly, there is a strong coherency to what are reported as coincidences and inconsistencies – and all the “wild conspiracy theories” actually hang together.
  • This reports looks at these events as crimes rather than political terrorist activities which are intended to create fear. The basic rules for identifying “who did it” still apply: motive, opportunity, weapon, and ‘follow the money.’
  • If one uses the same standard of evidence as applied under the Uniform Code of Military Justice to the alleged terrorists appearing before military tribunals, then hearsay evidence is acceptable.
  • Some readers may conclude this report attempts to establish guilt by association and character, an invalid principle in the U.S. courtroom. Guilt is determined by due process – not a report. There are Constitutional processes for determining guilt, and this report does not seek to supplant them. However, the American criminal justice system has established and sanctioned two practices which are based on guilt by association and characterization: profiling and prosecution under the RICO conspiracy laws. This report assumes that if an organization (or partnership) has several key members that are publicly associated (not necessarily convicted) with similar criminal activity, activities of the entire organization warrant suspicion. If publicly available information about that organization reinforces those suspicions, those suspicions should be investigated and reported. That is what this report does – it summarizes that information and suggests that a different theory explaining the attacks of September 11 is consistent with the facts ignored by the official 9/11 Commission. Current interpretations of events in the Middle East (either that of the US Government or various conspiracy theorists) do not help us understand the facts as they are known today. There are too many dangling leads. This report attempts to address the ‘loose ends’ in this interpretation of the news. Major crimes have been committed and not one person has been convicted. “Terrorists” charged for supporting 9/11 in Germany and Spain have been found not guilty. Osama Bin Laden is not charged with 9/11 on the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted” list because the FBI has no evidence connecting him to the crime. This report attempts to redefine leads that might result in holding people accountable for their crimes.

This research represents a significant paradigm shift from most of the September 11 research available. That shift is brought about by two very significant challenges created by the information presented.

  • The first challenge: look at all the information before assigning guilt. Much of the current criticism of American public officials involved in cover-up activities has a tendency to focus on the ‘American and Israeli participants.’ Another large band of criticism is saved for the Saudi royal family, because of their familial relations to Osama Bin Laden and significant financial contributions to American politics. However, if one looks at the record of how these American and Saudi officials actually executed their operations (ranging from criminal to legal, but generally considered unscrupulous) there is a consistent participation by the Russian/Israeli Mafiya and the German banking cartel, which includes certain Swiss banks. As one digs deeper, one finds the Russian/Israeli Mafiya are quite significantly involved in these events, and the bank cartel may well be the greatest benefactor of the crime and cover-up. The research paradigm must include foreign nationals from Germany and Russia.
  • The second challenge: the timing of the attack on the WTC suggests a pace of events where the planners were comfortable with a two-to-three year execution phase. A decision to destroy the WTC was made in 1999 or 1998, with the key ‘hijackers’ in that plot being assigned in early 1999. The research paradigm needs to be focused on events in 1998 and 1999, not the events in January through July of 2001. Similarly, in suggesting that the maturity date of 10 year gold backed bonds issued on September 11, 1991 was a significant factor in the timing of the attack, that period needs to be understood as well.

Addressing these two challenges will lead to the conclusion that a German/Swiss bank cartel undertook a decision in 1998 to destroy a number of US investigations that threatened their illegally gained wealth. Adnan Khashoggi was the common thread in most of those investigations, so the Cartel would have needed to approach him as well as Edgar Bronfman, Khashoggi’s business partner. They in turn, would have most likely approached their old colleagues: Bush Sr., Secord, Armitage, Kimche, and Azima. These five, in turn, would have used the foot-soldiers at their disposal: Al Qaeda and the Russian/Israeli Mafiya.

This investigation is not an attempt to support a particular political viewpoint. In the end, there is no final proof and there is no confession. If there was a confession, it would disappear as if it never existed, and every mention of it would be erased. People who present information critical of the Iran-Contra Syndicate often commit suicide within 24 hours, and their reports disappear (e.g., Brad Doucette, John Millis and Gary Webb). A list of nineteen such murdered individuals is compiled in this report. The crimes described here-in are very complex, and executed by both professional and vicious criminals. The cover-up of these crimes is done by people who cause their accusers and whistle-blowers to lose promotions, jobs, freedom and possibly even lives. While “proof” is hard to come by, there is a very compelling case of circumstantial evidence. The explanation provides better answers for more of the open issues than the official 9/11 Commission Report. It also provides a better explanation than suggested by a number of conspiracy theorists who suggest the Bush administration and CIA or Israeli government are at fault. All three of those explanations leave too many unanswered questions, and none really explain the reason the World Trade Center was brought down with a series of explosions, or how suspicious trading indicated there were those with foreknowledge of the crime. Conspiracy theorists also like to conveniently forget that the attack on the World Trade Center was planned and initiated before the Republican National Convention, before George Bush Jr. was even an official candidate for President, much less President. Moreover, there is nothing in the historical record to suggest he is capable of architecting such a solution.

At the end of the day, it’s always about the money, and the money trail points to none of the official suspects – Osama Bin Laden or Al Qaeda. However, even after identifying a more realistic suspect, there is no good news in this story for anyone. It is still a story about corrupt and greedy people – however noble they thought their intentions – they are directly responsible for the unnecessary death and suffering of thousands and thousands of innocent people like your parents, children and friends, for no reason other than self-gratification and ego.

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