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Greg Rowett explaining how II has developed personal connections with Atlantic Treaty Association and Young Atlantic Treaty Association leaders from other nations, and been recognised and ratified as the UK chapter for both

Disclaimer (#3)Document.png assessment Greg Rowett and networking  by Integrity Initiative, Greg Rowett dated 26 December 2018
Example of: Integrity Initiative/Leak/4
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Document:ATA and YATA UK networks development


Page 8 Output 1, indicator 5:

ATA and YATA UK networks development. ATA and YATA We have now successfully developed personal connections with ATA and YATA leaders from other nations, and been recognised and ratified as the UK chapter for both organisations. Great interest expressed from several other national chapters in future cooperation in exposing and combatting Russian disinformation operations.

Ps – huge potential for UK domestic operations – within the remit of this application? If so “Using ATA and YATA as a public brand to legitimise and empower our message delivered to our own population, increasing knowledge and resilience of Russian malign influence within the UK”

Within a lot of Output 3 stuff, we could put them under the YATA/ATA banners? Boost the profile and prestige of the chapter brand both at home and abroad?

Beyond that I don’t think my aims have changed that much since January.

Personally, I want to

  • Expand personal skillset
  • Focus on expanding my knowledge of the dynamics of online information warfare
  • Link knowledge of information warfare to other aspects of Hybrid warfare and the strategic conflict.
  • Begin working on drawing other experts into discussions of how subversive attacks using morally and politically unacceptable (from a western democratic perspective) can be best countered by a democratic institution, without tainting itself
  • Take a guiding role in YACUK and ACUK, the YATA and ATA chapters for the UK. I believe both these institutions can be developed into aspects that the II can use in several ways. But I’m not too sure that this would go into the proposal.

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ATA and YATA = Atlantic Treaty Organization / Young Atlantic Treaty Organization