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In October 2021 Australian cartoonist Michael Leunig was sacked after over 20 years for this re-rendering of tank man blocking the military led push of injections. It was never published.[1]
Date2021 - Present
DescriptionVaccine/Mandation during COVID-19 is intense.

Mandation of injections termed "COVID Vaccines" began in 2021. Deep state operatives had prepared the ground in most countries to try to stimulate acceptance of such mandatory jabs.[citation needed] The global tactic might be to go for the softer targets first (the part of the population eager to take it), and then tighten the noose on "vaccine hestitants" a bit later.

After the Omicron variant was discovered, Ursula von der Leyen called for a European Union-wide vaccine mandate.[2]

GB News: Thousands of NHS staff will be dismissed from their jobs in April 2022 if they don't have the COVID-19/Vaccine

By nation


Lisandro Bonelli, stated in a December 2020 interview that the vaccine against COVID-19 would be mandatory in Argentina for those over 18, the Ministry of Health's chief of staff. The country will be using the Russian Sputnik V vaccine.[citation needed]


In November 2021, Austria became the first country to make the COVID Vaccine mandatory.[3]


"I would expect it to be as mandatory as you could possibly make it,"..."there will be very strong campaigns to encourage people and we've had experience before of linking vaccination with other programs, Australian PM Scott Morrison said in a radio interview in August 2020[4].

Alan Joyce the CEO of the Australian airline Qantas suggested all international travellers will soon be required to provide proof of vaccination against the coronavirus before they’ll be allowed on board[5]

The Biosecurity Act of 2015, conveniently made law before Covid-19, states that "A human biosecurity control order that is in force in relation to an individual may require the individual to comply with certain biosecurity measures".. "an individual may be required by a human biosecurity control order to receive, at a specified medical facility: (a) a specified vaccination; (b) a specified form of treatment; in order to manage the listed human disease specified in the order, and any other listed human disease. An individual who refuses to consent to such a measure (other than an isolation measure or traveller movement measure) is not required to comply unless a direction has been given by the Director of Human Biosecurity requiring the individual to do so.... Force must not be used against an individual to require the individual to comply with a biosecurity measure [6]


Travellers to Brazil have to show proof of COVID vaccination.[7]


No one will be forced to receive a coronavirus vaccine, but people who refuse to get vaccinated could be deprived of certain freedoms, Ontario’s Health Minister Christine Elliott stated. "There may be some restrictions in terms of travel or other restrictions that may arise as a result of not having a vaccination, but that’s going to be up to the person themselves to make that decision on the basis of what’s most important to them."[8]

Quebec introducing health tax on the unvaccinated in January 2022.[9]


  • Denmark introduced emergency laws in March 2020, allowing for forced vaccinations. In late 2020, the Danish ruling establishment sought to replace its emergency laws with a new permanent ‘epidemic law’, which would mandate certain people to receive a vaccine, and would allow the police to use force if necessary to administer it[10]. The first draft failed to get through parliament, but a virtually identical amended law is being worked on.


In Ecuador, it became mandatory for everybody over 5 in later December 2021.[11]


In Estonia, COVID-19 vaccines are mandated for healthcare workers.[12]


In a November 24, 2020 address, President Emmanuel Macron said the Covid-19 vaccination will not be compulsory in France. On November 10, 2020, a leading figure in France's green party, Yannick Jadot stated that getting vaccinated against Covid-19 should be mandatory, saying “Look at the difficulties facing our societies”...“We cannot allow ourselves to extend the period of confinement and to keep decreasing the cultural, social and economic activity of our country.”[13]


Banned unvaccinated people from public life.[14]

Prominent proponents are:

Anti-vaccine activists, demonstrate against the US COVID lockdown on April 17, 2020, in Huntington Beach.


In April 2020, the president of the Lazio region, Nicola Zingaretti from the left-wing Partito Democratico, issued an order (of unknown legality) for mandatory flu vaccination for all citizens over 65 and all health personnel and pediatricians.[15]Zingaretti himself became ill, diagnosed with Covid-19, but has made a full recovery.

In August 2020, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte stated "I don't think it should be mandatory, but it must be made available to the entire population."[16] A survey found that nearly 50% of people asked in Italy said they had doubts about getting vaccinated, including 11 percent who described themselves as "completely against" a vaccine.[17]

By the end of March 2021, the government in Italy under Mario Draghi made the Covid vaccine mandatory for all health workers,[18] also staff of pharmacies and medical doctors when they have their own office.


The Japanese government tell people to not discriminate against the unvaccinated.[19]


In August 2021, vaccine mandates were introduced in Lithuania.


Nigeria mandated the injections for access to public buildings in September 2021.[20] Despite this, the restrictions are being largely ignored, reflecting a general indifference in the country.[21]


In December 2020, compulsory injection of health, education and social workers was already underway with the Sputnik V vaccine, despite many of the medical professionals with priority access are deeply sceptical of it. Polling data suggests such fears are widespread within the Russian medical profession. In August, shortly after the Russian vaccine was first given regulatory approval, a survey by Spravochnik Vracha (Doctor’s Directory) — a medical reference app widely used by Russian doctors — found that 52% of those questioned would refuse to take the vaccine, with only 25% of respondents willing to do so[22].


  • In April 2020 in the Spanish region of Andalucia, influenza vaccinations were mandated in 2020 for all over 65's and "people at risk", as part of the regions Covid-19 measures.[23] This is despite the fact that influenza vaccines do not help against Covid-19, and may even aggravate it due to vaccine interference.[24] (April 2020)

United Kingdom

How the NHS plans to use propaganda in order to convince young people into getting the COVID vaccine.

In November 2020, MP Tom Tugendhat suggested that the unvaccinated could be banned from workplaces if they refuse to get injected.[25] The same month, UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock "refused to rule out" the prospect of compulsion[26]. Nadhim Zahawi, former Chair of Le Cercle, was put in charge on 28 November 2020 of overseeing the COVID-19/Vaccine rollout in the UK.[27] After categorically denying in January 2021 that vaccine passports would be introduced, he later signed off on plans to do just that.

Promoted by The Guardian.[28]

United States

Phoenix, Arizona, May 6, 2021

Operation Warp Speed is a US deep state project intended to carry out mass COVID-19 vaccinations, with a veneer of public oversight.


"Pursuant to Executive Order 20-80 and the Florida Department of Health declaration of a Public Health Emergency, the State Health Officer and Surgeon General can order any individual to be examined, tested, vaccinated, treated, isolated or quarantined for COVID-19. Any isolation or quarantine order issued pursuant to section 318.00315, Florida Statutes, shall be enforceable by injunction filed in a Florida Circuit Court. Failure to follow any isolation or quarantine order by the Florida Department of Health is a second-degree misdemeanor."[29]

US states have the legal and constitutional authority to require that the people who live in that state be vaccinated, or to introduce a vaccine mandate (see above).

New York

In November 2020, The New York State Bar Association on Saturday passed a resolution urging the state to consider making it mandatory for all New Yorkers to undergo COVID-19 vaccination when a vaccine becomes available, even if people object to it for “religious, philosophical or personal reasons.”[30]

Private sector employers have the legal power to mandate vaccines for their employees. Several big corporations are "leaning toward" making it a condition for employment, "and if they don’t, fire them".[31]

On 10 September 2021, Joe Biden signed an executive order mandating vaccines.[32]

Tim Pool: Conservative Outlets, 21 GOP States REFUSE Biden's Illegal Vaccine Mandate, Leftists DEFEND Fascism


Many activists have highlighted the risks of mandating vaccines, drawing attention to the influence of big pharma over scientists and politicians.

“[...] It's because big pharma is losing money. Year, over year, over year - go look at the data. 30 percent they spent more and more and more, in RD (research & development), and you would think if you spent more RD, you should be getting more allowances. Well, they are getting 30 percent less, and less allowances. Why? Because even the FDA is recognising that their products are toxic. So their new business model is vaccines - why? Because pharmaceutical drugs you can sue the manufacturer, you can take them to court, they spend five billion dollars, 13 - 14 years, very expensive, high risk, low reward, you can get sued. Vaccines? No risk. You know why - because they do not go through the same regulatory framework, they call them biologics. Alright? Number two, you can't sue vaccine manufacturers, thank you Ed Kennedy and the politicians who protected big pharma. You can't sue them. And if you can, you have to go through a vaccine court run by the US government, which means tax payers pay for it... 30 million people in the United States now do yoga. Think about that. So you have this trend were people are saying, I'm gonna take care of my body, I'm gonna find out the right foods for my kids, I'm gonna start understanding vitamins and herbs. This did not occur ten years ago. And so therefore big pharma sees their entire business model tanking. If you want we can do a whole analysis, you can bring all the economists in the world and we will show you the data, that their business model is tanking, it's burning to the ground, literally. So they need a new business model. And that business model is vaccines - why? Or cell therapies, they are called biologics. They don't need to go through the same stringent testing and they avoid all the litigation. That is what pharma is looking at, their drugs are failing - they do not work, more and more people want healthy life styles - they need to mandate vaccines, that is what this is about.”
Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai [33]

November 2020 - Denmark

In 2020, Denmark planned to introduce a law permitting police to kick down doors to enter homes and forcibly inject people with a Covid-19 vaccine, but the measure was scrapped after 9 straight days of protests against it in Copenhagen.[34] In Autumn 2021 the country was one of the first to declare the pandemic over, and repealed all state of emergency COVID legislation.

March 2021 - Maine

Republican state senator Tracy Quint introduced legislation to ban vaccine mandates in the state of Maine for 5-years[35], but the bill was dropped by May 2021 due to media pressure.[36] Maine is a state with one of the highest vaccination rates in the entire country. Senator Quint has continued her activism, speaking at rallies opposing new measures.[37]

September 2021 - Arizona

The City of Tucson, Arizona announced that it will be putting its COVID-19 vaccine mandate for its employees on pause after the state’s attorney general declared it illegal.

Attorney General Mark Brnovich says that his office determined the City of Tucson’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for public employees does violate state law for purposes of S.B. 1487, and also is in direct conflict with the Governor’s Executive Order 2021-18. Therefore, Tucson must rescind or amend the ordinance to come into compliance with state law, or lose millions of dollars in state funding.

“Tucson’s vaccine mandate is illegal, and the city could be held liable for attempting to force employees to take it against their beliefs,” said Attorney General Mark Brnovich. “COVID-19 vaccinations should be a choice, not a government mandate.”[38]

December 2021 - New York City

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio's vaccine mandate for city employees, including the NYPD and NYFD, was struck down by a Manhattan court.[39]


Related Quotations

Bilderberg/2020“Already some employers are demanding that their employees have vaccines. Leading a normal working life as part of society will become impossible without proof you’ve had a vaccine. Government shouldn’t stand in the way of that — it should facilitate it. As our real passports already say on the first page, Covid passports will “allow the bearer to pass freely without let or hindrance”. Bring them on.”George Osborne
Bilderberg/2021“Already some employers are demanding that their employees have vaccines. Leading a normal working life as part of society will become impossible without proof you’ve had a vaccine. Government shouldn’t stand in the way of that — it should facilitate it. As our real passports already say on the first page, Covid passports will “allow the bearer to pass freely without let or hindrance”. Bring them on.”George Osborne
António Guterres“I urge world leaders to fully support the Global Vaccination Strategy I launched with the World Health Organization (WHO) last month. We need to get vaccines into the arms of 40 per cent of people in all countries by the end of this year — and 70 per cent by mid-2022.”António Guterres1 December 2021