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Born21 March 1955
Victim ofYouTube/Censorship
President of Brazil who publicly refused a COVID-19 jab and suggested that the virus may have been intentionally created and released.

Employment.png President of Brazil

In office
1 January 2019 - Present
Preceded byMichel Temer

Jair Bolsonaro's presidency started on 1 January 2019, when he was inaugurated as the 38th President of Brazil, and will end on 31 December 2022. His opinions on COVID-19 have been censored by YouTube.[1]

On 30 October 2022, Jair Bolsonaro was defeated by Lula da Silva, the first defeat for an incumbent president in democratic Brazil's 37-year history.[2]

Jair Bolsonaro & the Rise of the Brazilian Right, 25 October 2018, NowThisWorld


Jair Bolsonaro's government has accelerated the deforestation of Amazonia.[3]


Jair Bolsonaro's tweets questioning the COVID lockdown were removed.[4] In May 2021 he publicly suggested that COVID-19 may have originated as an act of biological warfare.[5]

Sacking the Health Minister

Bolsonaro sacked the Brazilian Health Minister who had criticised the COVID-19 lockdown policy. Later the Brazilian Justice Minister "quit and alleged political meddling in law enforcement". Bolsonoaro appointed Alexandre Ramagem, a "federal police officer who is close to the Bolsonaro family".[6]

Vaccine Refusal

Jair Bolsonaro reportedly stated that under no circumstances would he ever take a COVID-19 Vaccine.[7]

Vaccine Passports

“If you accept this vaccination passport, soon there will be another requirement, and another one... and you know where it will stop then... Population control!"”
Jair Bolsonaro (2021)  [8]


An appointment by Jair Bolsonaro

Luiz Henrique MandettaBrazil/Minister/Health1 January 201916 April 2020Sacked after implementing the COVID-19 Lockdown


Event Participated in

WEF/Annual Meeting/201922 January 201925 January 2019Switzerland
World Economic Forum


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