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FormationOctober 31, 1941
HeadquartersWashington DC, US
Type• Research institute
• Think tank
InterestsInternet/Freedom, Internet/Censorship
Sponsor ofTESEV, Article 19
Sponsored byHewlett Foundation, Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, Mercator Foundation, National Endowment for Democracy, Open Society Foundations, Smith Richardson Foundation, Swedish Postcode Foundation
Membership• Michael Abramowitz
• Laura Adams
• Carol C. Adelman
• Madeleine Albright
• Zainab Al-Suwaij
• Goli Ameri
• Urooj Arshad
• J. Brian Atwood
• Ned Bandler
• Peter Bass
• Marc Behrendt
• David E. Birenbaum
• Ellen Blackler
• Dennis C. Blair
• Annie Wilcox Boyajian
• Zbigniew Brzezinski
• Vladimir Bukovsky
• Sewell Chan
• Leo Cherne
• Michael Chertoff
• Jim Denton
• Lisa Dickieson
• Thomas A. Dine
• David E. Birenbaum
• Jørgen Ejbøl
• Martin Etchevers
• George Field
• Thomas S. Foley
• Malcolm Forbes
• Theodore Forstmann
• Francis Fukuyama
• Jonathan Ginns
• André Glucksmann
• Paul Graham
• Danya Greenfield
• Dionisio Gutierrez
• Alexander Haig
• Brian Hill
• Samuel Huntington
• Vytis Jurkonis
• Max Kampelman
• Adrian Karatnycky
• Robert Keane
• Jin Kim
• Jeane Kirkpatrick
• Rachel Kleinfeld
• Jim Kolbe
• Eleanor Krahenbuhl
• David J. Kramer
• Melvin Lasky
• Jay Mazur
• R. Bruce McColm
• Sheryl Mendez
• Mindy Michels
• Adam Michnik
• Faith Morningstar
• Mark Moyer
• Monde Muyangwa
• Diana Negroponte
• John Norton Moore
• Sofya Orlosky
• P. J. O'Rourke
• Mark Palmer
• Sushma Palmer
• Vivek Paul
• Maurice A. Perkins
• Andrew Prozes
• Arch Puddington
• Otto Reich
• Sarah Repucci
• Jean-François Revel
• Bill Richardson
• Matthew Schaaf
• Nate Schenkkan
• Alexis Schuler
• Adrian Shahbaz
• Ian Simmons
• Stephen J. Solarz
• Jennifer Stapleton
• Thomas Staudt
• Leonard R. Sussman
• DJon Temin
• David Timberman
• Mai Truong
• Robert H. Tuttle
• Deborah Ullmer
• Jennifer Windsor
• James Woolsey
• Norman Willox
• William Howard Taft IV
CIA backed group interested in internet censorship

Freedom House is a U.S. government-funded organization linked to the CIA[1] that functions as a foreign policy tool by aiding "regime changes". It also makes 'freedom indexes', creating an academic patina on what would otherwise be known as propaganda; these 'facts' can then be quoted by the press and academia as a reliable source to de-legitimize opponents.

Cold War

Freedom House conducted campaigns for the Marshall Plan and NATO, for the decolonization of the English and French empires and against communism. More than any other, it developed the slogan: “United States: country of freedom”. It was in the facilities of Freedom House, in 1949, where the Congress for Cultural Freedom - a large CIA operation to manipulate Western European intellectuals - began.[2]

It was one of the earliest defenders of the Vietnam War, which it portrayed as an effort to bring freedom and democracy.[3]

In 1982, when the US under Ronald Reagan created the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) so that it could take care in a presentable manner of some CIA secret activities, Freedom House was integrated into the new mechanism. The NED subsidizes Freedom House, which at the same time co-finances programs chosen by the NED thus washes away any traces of US intervention.

In 1986, Freedom House began its program about religious freedom in the world. As a result of this initiative, taken up again by Congress, the Consultative Commission for Religious Freedom was created in 1998. This institution also writes an annual report about the topic.

In 1988, Freedom House created a working group on Central America whose purpose was spreading information about the Nicaraguan Sandinista Revolution. On this occasion, the trade unionists of the AFL-CIO were integrated to the Administration Council of Freedom House, which made use of a specialized institute created by the trade union for the CIA: the American Institute for Free Labor Development (AIFLD).[4]

After the Cold War

In 1999, Freedom House created the American Committee for Peace in Chechnya (ACPC), headed by former national security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, former US Secretary of State Alexander Haig and former [[US Congressman Stephen J. Solarz. More than twenty years earlier, these were some of the persons responsible for creating the jihad against the Soviets in Afghanistan. After Afghanistan, they maintained their support of ]]Bin Laden]] to direct the jihad toward Bosnia-Herzegovina against Yugoslavia, and then toward Chechnya to favor the collapse of the Russian Federation and to control the oil and gas of the Caucasus.

Election Assessments

Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman have pointed out that the organization excessively criticizes states opposed to US interests while being unduly sympathetic to regimes supportive of US interests. For example, Freedom House described the apartheid Rhodesian general election of 1979 as "fair", but described the Southern Rhodesian 1980 elections, after liberation, as "dubious", and it found El Salvador's 1982 election, during the worst death squad period, to be "admirable". It also supported Ronald Reagan's labeling of the 1984 Nicaraguan general election as fraudulent, despite international observers concluding that they were free and fair.[5]

Freedom in the World 2019 by Freedom House.png


Freedom House ranks Russia's political rights on the same level as the absolute monarchy United Arab Emirates, which, according to Freedom House, is a federation of absolute monarchies with no hint of democracy anywhere in the system. Freedom House also ranks Russia's civil liberties on the same scale as those of Yemen. In Yemen, according to the constitution, Sharia law is the only source of legislation, and allows assaults and killings of women for alleged immoral behaviour. [6]

Orange Revolution Ukraine 2004

Freedom House was part of a 30-year campaign to take control over the Ukraine, which Victoria Nuland later claimed had cost USD 5 billion. [7]

The US government, through the US Agency for International Development (USAID), granted millions of dollars to the Poland-America-Ukraine Cooperation Initiative (PAUCI), which is administered by the US-based Freedom House. We do know that much of that money was targeted to assist one particular candidate, and that through a series of cut-out [[non-governmental organization|non-governmental organizations (NGOs) - both American and Ukrainian - millions of dollars ended up in support of the presidential candidate, Viktor Yushchenko.[8]

Another conduit was the Ukrainian NGO International Centre for Policy Studies. It is an organization funded by the US Government through PAUCI, but on its website you will find that the front page in the English section features a prominent orange ribbon, the symbol of Yushchenko’s party and movement. Reading further on, we discover that this NGO was founded by George Soros’s Open Society Institute. And further on we can see that Viktor Yushchenko himself sits on the advisory board! And this NGO is not the only one the US government funds that is openly supportive of Viktor Yushchenko. The Western Ukraine Regional Training Center, as another example, features a prominent USAID logo on one side of its website’s front page and an orange ribbon of the candidate Yushchenko’s party and movement on the other. By their proximity, the message to Ukrainian readers is clear: the US government supports Yushchenko.[9]

Other government work

In 2006, the Financial Times reported that Freedom House received funding by the State Department for 'clandestine activities' inside Iran.[10]


Employee on Wikispooks

Jiří PeheAuthor19851988


Known members

21 of the 89 of the members already have pages here:

Madeleine AlbrightRuthless politician, acquired and beloved by everyone named Clinton in the 1990s. Hero of Kosovo. Most powerful woman of all time according to ISGP's superclass index. When asked about half a million dead Iraqi children because of the sanctions she enforced, she replied "We think the price is worth it."
Dennis Blair
Zbigniew BrzezinskiA central US Deep politician, Cercle, Bilderberg, ...
Vladimir BukovskyRussian dissident who spoke at the 1979 JCIT.
Leo Cherne
Michael ChertoffA long-standing US Republican Party apparatchik and dual US/Israeli citizen who has held senior US legal and national security positions.
Thomas DineFormer executive director of AIPAC and former president of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
Francis FukuyamaUS author of The End of History
Alexander HaigAttended the 1978 Bilderberg as SACEUR
Samuel Huntington
Max KampelmanNeocon US arms negotiator with decades-long support for hardline "pro-Israel" advocacy groups
Jeane KirkpatrickNeocon "terror expert", US Ambassador to the UN, Washington Conference on International Terrorism...
David Kramer
Melvin LaskyUS journalist, intellectual, with suspected CIA ties
Diana Villiers Negroponte
Arch PuddingtonUS propagandist responsible for defining who is 'free' in the world.
Jean-François Revel
Bill RichardsonUS Bilderberger who went to Myanmar in 2021 "to speed the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines from the COVAX facility to Myanmar and to help mitigate a possible fourth wave of COVID-19."
Stephen Solarz
William Howard Taft IVAs chief legal advisor to the Department of State concluded that the preemptive use of force against Iraq in 2003 "is lawful". Many deep state friends.
James WoolseyEx CIA director still (per 2020) very active in deep state networks.



Hewlett FoundationHuge foundation setting the agenda by funding lots of deep state projects.
Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation
Mercator FoundationGerman foundation financing projects of deep state interest and buying control over the narrative, especially on "climate change" and pro-migration. Frequently connected to censorship initiatives.
National Endowment for DemocracyThe "traditional intermediary of the CIA", promoting the US "national interest" by "soft power".
Open Society FoundationsA NGO operating in more countries than McDonald's. It has the tendency to support politicians (at times through astroturfing) and activists that get branded as "extreme left" as its founder is billionaire and bane of the pound George Soros. This polarizing perspective causes the abnormal influence of the OSF to go somewhat unanswered.
Smith Richardson FoundationCIA front organization that funds select projects with $$$
Swedish Postcode Foundation
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