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This wiki based site is a source of content and was an inspiration when setting up Wikispooks. It remains a recommended site when researching Wikispooks related content.

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Started: 2003

Owner: Center for Media and Democracy
Staff: 11
In its own words:
"A collaborative, specialized encyclopedia of the people, organizations, and issues shaping the public agenda. SourceWatch profiles the activities of front groups, PR spinners, industry-friendly experts, industry-funded organizations, and think tanks trying to manipulate public opinion on behalf of corporations or government. We also highlight key public policies they are trying to affect and provide ways to get involved."

Main focus: Fracking, ALEC, Koch Brothers, State Policy Network, US/National Debt

SourceWatch is useful as a reference, and has ares of strength, although it has blindspots, such as 9/11 and other false flags where it uncritically repeats the official narrative.[1][2]


After a user made a significant contribution to their page on The Business Plot, it was moved to the Talk: namespace within 3 hours[3] because of concerns that it was not well enough sourced.


It is under the umbrella of the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) which is a nonprofit watchdog and advocacy organization based in Madison, Wisconsin. CMD publishes PR Watch, SourceWatch, and[4]

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"Arab Spring" SpringA neologism coined by western Establishments to describe a series of allegedly 'popular uprisings' that occurred throughout the Arab world from December 2010 through to around mid-2012 and which were planned triggered and orchestrated by western Deep State interests using well developed 'Colour revolution' methodologies.
"Bailout" globally organised shift of money from ordinary taxpayers to the already hyper-rich who control the banking and political systems.
"Climate change" changethe dogma that rise in CO2 levels correspond to a (as of yet non-significant) rise in temperature and that the world is ahead of an apocalyptic disaster
"Conspiracy theorist" theoristAn enemy image used for ad hominem attacks on people as a way of misdirecting attention away from their arguments
"Conspiracy theory" theoryAn enemy image used to equate scepticism of government with craziness. It was developed by the CIA to try to contain doubt about the FBI's "Oswald did it, case closed" approach to the JFK assassination. It is now being associated with dangerous and violent insanity, in an effort to promote internet censorship of free speech.
"Counter-terrorism" component of the military-industrial-terrorism-congressional complex which has seen a dramatic growth since 9-11. Originally referred to special forces trained in terrorist warfare, it became a broader meaning for loss of civil liberties and a culture of fear and mistrust.
"Democracy" form of government involving events called "elections", in which citizens often choose from a short list of deep state backed puppets
"Extraordinary rendition" renditionKidnapping and forced transfer of individuals by intelligence agencies from one legal jurisdiction to another without recourse to legal proceedings.
"Free market" marketThe neocon economic system.
"Iran-Contra" drug trafficking/weapons smuggling operation carried out in the 1980s with the approval of the top of the US government.
"National Counterterrorism Center" Counterterrorism CenterIn 2004, succeeded the "Terrorist Threat Integration Center" ...
"National security" securityLike the idea of 'Patriotism', the notion of 'National Security' is one designed to bind all members of a society together. By evoking fear of its opposite it creates a suitable psychological frame for the abdication of personal responsibility to the nation state. In the 21st century, the concept is repeated like a mantra in en effort to justify ever more opaqueness in the workings of governments tired of legal restrictions such as rights of their citizens.
"Racism" prejudice based on individuals superficial physical attributes. People have no "race" in the scientific sense.
"Terrorism" atrocities which are not committed by governments - except for state terrorism.
"Terrorist" powerful enemy image, a "terrorist" is someone who commits an act of "terrorism"...
"The New Humanitarians" New HumanitariansA network of like-minded public intellectuals who worked in coordination with government officials and government-linked think-tanks during the Yugoslav wars, and chose being fed information by U.S. and Bosnian Muslim officials.
"War on Drugs" on DrugsA social control strategy that provides a lot of off-the-books funding for the US Deep state in particular. As a strategy of tension, it has served to scapegoat minorities and is used as a pretext for social militarization and the removal of civil liberties.
"War on Terror" on TerrorThe campaign, launched by the USA under the Presidency of George W. Bush with the support of the UK, and most NATO members (at least formally) and other Western-aligned countries. Nominally a response to the events of 11 September 2001, its stated objective is the elimination of so called 'terrorist organisations', it was in fact conceived long before by a group of terrorist experts, including his father and the groundwork laid at a 1979 conference in Jerusalem as a propaganda term used to legitimise wars of aggression and a scare tactic.
"Weapon of mass destruction" of mass A plastic word and enemy image hyped as part of Operation Mass Appeal
21st Century Hasbara conference Century Hasbara conference
21st Century Wire Century WireA sound alternative news site.
9-11 11, 2001A complex and spectacular set of events in New York and Washington. The US government was quick to blame Al Qaeda, though no evidence of guilt was presented and there is much suspicion about what Al Qaeda really is. In the USA 9-11 assisted the Patriot Act's roll back of civil liberties, the stepping up of domestic surveillance and the financial advancement of the military industrial complex. Abroad 9-11 helped launched wars on Iraq and Afghanistan that had been planned long before.
9-11/Commission Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United StatesSet up over a year after the event, refused access to the president's daily briefings, not testified to under oath by Bush or Cheney, the 9/11 Commission was termed a "cover-up" by former member Max Cleland, who resigned. His replacement declared that 9/11 was "a 30 year conspiracy". Their first report did not mention WTC7.
9-11/Truth movement Truth MovementA maligned (and infiltrated) group believing the US government's official narrative of 9/11 to be a pack of self-serving lies and be exposed as such.
910 Group Group
ABC News NewsA corporate controlled media outlet
AE911 Truth TruthA high profile 9/11 truth group, including over 2300 qualified architects and engineers
AES Corporation Corporation
AIDS industry industryAccording to critics, the HIV/AIDS paradigm, is politically, economically and socially driven, rather than based on verifiable scientific data.
AIPAC lobby which has somewhere between a lot of influence and "total control" over the US Government.
ARK Return for KidsAn NGO " to transform children’s lives". Plenty of its fundraisers have a Jeffery Epstein connection.
David Aaron AaronDeep state connected diplomat. Attended Bilderberg 1977 as Deputy National Security Advisor.
David Aaronovitch AaronovitchUK deep state propagandist on topics from the Bilderberg group to the UK COVID-19 Lockdown. Denied being connected to the Integrity Initiative although leaked documents included his name.
Diane Abbott AbbottUK politician, close ally of Jeremy Corbyn
Ziad Abdelnour AbdelnourA neoconservative financier who was disciplined by the SEC.
Agha Hasan Abedi Hasan AbediFounded the infamous BCCI, amongst other banks.
Peter Abeles Peter AbelesAustralian transportation magnate. Friend of crime boss Abe Saffron. Involved in drug trafficking with the Nugan Hand Bank.
James Abourezk AbourezkUS politician who opposed illegal activities by the CIA
Morton Abramowitz I. AbramowitzA key player in determining recent U.S. foreign policy.
Elliott Abrams AbramsA deep politician heavily involved in the Iran-Contra affair, given a pardon by George H. W. Bush
David Abshire AbshireSpooky US diplomat with connections to "Iran-Contra"
Abt Associates AssociatesFor-profit research firm founded that contracts for governments and private entities. The company researches and administers deep state agendas, and has an extensive history of working with the CIA.
Ziad Abu-Amr Abu-AmrDouble Bilderberger Palestinian leader who attended Georgetown
Bella Abzug AbzugUS Congresswoman who campaigned to expose the US deep state
Accenture corporation that is heavily involved in privatization and public-private partnerships in sectors such as schools.
Accuracy in Media in MediaA shady non-profit broadcaster with some good segments.
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Ford FoundationIn addition to its own billionaire agenda, also known to have been $$$ middleman for covert CIA funding.
Open Society FoundationsA NGO operating in more countries than McDonald's. It has the tendency to support politicians (at times through astroturfing) and activists that get branded as "extreme left" as its founder is billionaire and bane of the pound George Soros. This polarizing perspective causes the abnormal influence of the OSF to go somewhat unanswered.
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