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Excerpted from a NuoViso interview with Lieutenant-Colonel Jochen Scholz on the American missile defense in Europe and the real reason why it is placed there.

Disclaimer (#3)Document.png interview  by Jochen Scholz dated 30 January 2011
Subjects: Nuclear War, First strike, Global missile defense, Russia/Encirclement, WW3
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The Czech Republic withdrew from the US missile defense system in mid 2011 - [1]

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The Failing of American Air Defense on 9/11

[...] and of course Putin knows that this global missile defense, of which the one in Poland and the Czech Republic is a part, of course, of course is directed against Russia, against whom else?

Six months ago we had here in Potsdam, in the Einstein Forum, we had had a highly interesting lecture by two American scientists who have been dealing for some time with the question of what is behind this national, or global missile defense on the one hand, and the modernization of American nuclear weapons on the other.

And they say quite clearly, the goal of this global shield is the following, it shall, it can never be comprehensive, it can only intercept a limited number of enemy missiles. And this limited number of enemy missiles is the number that remains after a devastating American first strike, when there is still a certain second-strike capacity with an opponent. And to intercept the remaining rest, that's what global missile defense is for. That is to give the Americans the ability to become invulnerable and make a first strike without consequence.

Now these people say, the two scientists said, that doesn't mean that the American government is planning something like that, but just to demonstrate that you have the capability to do something like it is a blackmail potential that is unparalleled. And that may be the background for Putin's actions towards the U.S. and that he, that he wants to counter this game. And he knows of course that the goal of the Americans is still, or if we speak of Eurasia, Russia belongs to it, Russia is the real goal, the ultimate goal, in these geo-strategic considerations. [...]