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Status: stable
This property is for Spartacus URLs

RDF logic:
  • Subject:      Spartacus page URLs of people or groups
  • Predicate:  Has spartacus
  • Object:        URLs of Spartacus pages (type URL)

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Page nameHas spartacus
Harvard Universityhttp://Harvard University
World War II
Leo Amery
John Amery
Omar Bradley
Roland Beaumont
Richard Carver
Chiang Kai-shek
Walter Cronkite
Charles de Gaulle
Dieppe Raid
William J. Donovan
Francisco Franco
Hermann Göring
World War II/Operation Market Garden
Bernard Montgomery
Benito Mussolini
Gamal Abdel Nasser
New Zealand
Nuremberg Trials
Office of Strategic Services
World War II/Attack on Pearl Harbor
The Philippines
Potsdam Conference
Royal Air Force
Right Club
Anwar Sadat
John Slessor
Special Operations Executive
William Stephenson
Joseph Stilwell
Yalta Conference
Tomoyuki Yamashita
Alfred Dean Slack
Alfred Sarant
Alfred Stern
Alister Watson
Anatoli Yatskov
Antonina Porfirieva
Max Aitken
Alfred Harmsworth
Boris Bazarov
Boris Morros
Boris Vinogradov
Salvador Allende
Fulgencio Batista
Bay of Pigs Invasion
Fidel Castro
Cuban Missile Crisis
Mikhail Gorbachev
Che Guevara
Hungarian Uprising
Henry Kissinger
Edward Lansdale
Mao Zedong
Imre Nagy
Walt Rostow
Suez Crisis
Margaret Thatcher
Chaim Weizmann
Joseph Ball
William Lauriston Melville Lee
Clare Edward Petty
Cliveden Set
Cold War
David Edmund Murphy
Desmond Bristow
Donald Hiss
Donald Niven Wheeler
Duncan Chaplin Lee
Ackworth School
Christ's Hospital
Eton College
Harrow School
Rugby School
Westminster School
Edith Tudor Hart
Elizabeth Zarubina
Elsa Poretsky
Ernest Boyce
Ernest Holloway Oldham
Evgenia Shelepina
René Hardy
Jean-Paul Sartre
World War I
Max von Baden
Otto von Bismarck
Valentine Fleming
League of Nations
Vittorio Orlando
Versailles Treaty
Woodrow Wilson
Flora Solomon
Francis Cromie
Frank Coe
Franz Neumann
Martin Bormann
Friedrich Flick
Joseph Goebbels
Wallther Hallstein
Walther Hallstein
Walter Hallstein
Heinrich Himmler
Adolf Hitler
Eugenio Pacelli
Reichstag Fire
Hjalmar Schacht
Albert Speer
Hans Speidel
Julius Streicher
Fritz Thyssen
Gaik Ovakimyan
Abraham George Silverman
Gertrude Schildbach
Hugh Trevor-Roper
Harold Ware
Herry Dexter White
Hede Massing
Helen Silvermaster
Henricus Sneevliet
Antoine Guerini
J. D. Tippit/Murder
James Abercrombie
Philip Agee
Gary Aguilar
Juan Almeida Bosque
Alpha 66
Joseph Alsop
James Altgens
American Security Council
Ulius Amoss
Robert Anderson
Jacobo Árbenz
Sergio Arcacha Smith
Richard Armitage
Manuel Artime
House Select Committee on Assassinations
Gilberto Alvarado
Bradley Ayers
Hugh Aynesworth
Joel Bainerman
Bobby Baker
Judyth Baker
Russ Baker
Guy Banister
Guy Bannister
Bernard Barker
Tracy Barnes
Eddie Bayo
Ralph Beermann
Lawrence D. Bell
Carmine Bellino
Alan H. Belmont
Domingo Benavides
Robert Bennett
Paul Bethel
John Birch Society
Richard Bissell
Louis M. Bloomfield
Chip Bohlen
Don Bohning
Abraham Bolden
Orlando Bosch
J. Thornton Boswell
Rex Bradford
Eugene Hale Brading
Ben Bradlee
Pete Brewton
Harvey Bright
Carlos Bringuier
George Rufus Brown
Herman Brown
Madeleine Brown
Walt Brown
David Bruce
Ivar Bryce
Thomas Buchanan
William Francis Buckley
McGeorge Bundy
Al Burt
George H. W. Bush
Edward Scannell Butler
Charles P. Cabell
Richard Cain
Gordon Campbell
Waggoner Carr
Guillermo Hernández-Cartaya
Clifton C. Carter
Marshall S. Carter
William J. Casey
Anton Chaitkin
Claire Lee Chennault
Rose Cheramie
Joseph Civello
Edward A Clark
Edward Aubrey Clark
Ray S. Cline
Thomas Clines
Leslie Cockburn
Edwin Collins
Edwin Anderson Collins
Charles Colson
Lucien Conein
John Connally
Nellie Connally
Alex Constantine
Fred J. Cook
Tommy Corcoran
David Corn
William R. Corson
William Corson
Larry Crafard
Cleveland Cram
Charles Crenshaw
Rolando Cubela
Tony Cuesta
Ernest Cuneo
Jesse Curry
Jean Daniel
Isaac Irving Davidson
Thomas Davis
Deborah Davis
Howard K. Davis
Morgan J. Davis
John Dean
Harry Dean
Everette Lee DeGolyer
Cartha DeLoach
George de Mohrenschildt
Thomas J. Devine
Jim DiEugenio
James DiEugenio
Marshall Diggs
David Dellinger
Douglas Dillon
Everett Dirksen
James Douglass
Paul Douglas
Thomas N. Downing
Wickliffe Draper
Gerry Droller
Tom Dunkin
Alfredo Duran
Silvia Duran
Michael Eddowes
Adele Edisen
Sheffield Edwards
John Ehrlichman
Eladio del Valle
James Elkins
Daniel Ellsberg
Edward Jay Epstein
Fabian Escalante
Jacob Esterline
Jake Esterline
Billie Sol Estes
Armando Lopez Estrada
Loy Factor
Fair Play for Cuba Committee
Walter E. Fauntroy
Patrick Frawley
Bernard Fensterwald
David Ferrie
James H. Fetzer
James Files
Desmond FitzGerald
Gaeton Fonzi
Abe Fortas
Donald Freed
Will Fritz
John K. Galbraith
Herminio Diaz Garcia
Jim Garrison
The Georgetown Set
Sam Giancana
Donald Gibson
Henry B. Gonzalez
Virgilio González
Anne Goodpasture
Richard N. Goodwin
Porter Goss
Sidney Gottlieb
Katharine Graham
Philip Graham
Grassy knoll
Donald Gregg
Michael Griffith
Ian Griggs
Robert J. Groden
Suite 8F Group
Albert Hakim
H. R. Haldeman
J. Evetts Haley
Loran Eugene Hall
Samuel Halpern
Dennis Harber
Billy James Hargis
Roy Hargraves
Charles Harrelson
Gary Hart
Thom Hartmann
William Harvey
Edward T. Haslam
Jack Hawkins
David Healy
Henry Hecksher
John Heinz
H. John Heinz III
Paul Helliwell
Richard Helms
Gerry Patrick Hemming
Hal Hendrix
Seymour Hersh
George Hickey
Warren Hinckle
Frederick Hitz
William Hobby
Chauncey Holt
Barbara Honegger
Daniel Hopsicker
James P. Hosty
Jim Hougan
Bernie Houghton
Lawrence Howard
Lisa Howard
Tom Howard
John Floyd Hull
Dorothy Hunt
H. L. Hunt
E. Howard Hunt
Bill Hunter
Henry Hurt
Lee Israel
Nestor Izquierdo
Walter Jenkins
Albert E. Jenner
George Joannides
Joachim Joesten
Josefa Johnson
Robert Emmett Johnson
Jesse H. Jones
David Kaiser
Steve Kangas
Seth Kantor
Thomas Karamessines
Nicholas Katzenbach
Estes Kefauver
John Kelin
Roy Kellerman
William E. Kelly
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
Robert Kerr
Ronald Kessler
Dorothy Kilgallen
John Douglas Kinser
Richard Kleindienst
Henry Warner Kloepfer
Jim Koethe
Mario Kohly
Mary Jo Kopechne
Fred Korth
Egil Krogh
George Krutilek
Karyn Kupcinet
Michael Kurtz
Jonathan Kwitny
Mark Lane
Frederick LaRue
Victor Lasky
William M. Law
Carlos Lechuga
Raymond Leddy
Lyman Lemnitzer
James Arthur Lewis
Peter Licavoli
David Lifton
Evelyn Lincoln
Robert B. Livingston
Marita Lorenz
Grayston Lynch
Torbert Macdonald
Gary Mack
Angus Mackenzie
Robert Maheu
Norman Mailer
Ilya Mamantov
Thomas C. Mann
Joseph Mansfield
David Mantik
Carlos Marcello
Victor Marchetti
Ray Marcus
Henry Marshall
Daniel Marvin
Eugenio Martínez
John Martino
Rolando Masferrer
Roland Masferrer
Robert McCormick
Barr McClellan
Matthew McCloskey
John McCone
James W. McCord
Alfred McCoy
David McKean
Robert McNamara
Carey McWilliams
Lewis McWillie
Sylvia Meagher
Philip Melanson
Joan Mellen
Jean Souètre
Cord Meyer
Mary Pinchot Meyer
Military-industrial-congressional complex
Daniel Mitrione
Operation Mockingbird
Jeanne de Mohrenschildt
Dan Moldea
Operation Mongoose
David Sánchez Morales
Robert Morrow
Clint Murchison Sr.
Charles Murret
Richard Case Nagell
Ricardo Morales Navarrete
Lucien Nedzi
Charles Nicoletti
Paul Nitze
Operation Northwoods
Gordon Novel
Guillermo Novo
Francis John Nugan
Nugan Hand Bank
Richard Ober
Larry O'Brien
Alton Ochsner
Silvia Odio
Carl Oglesby
Oil depletion allowance
Spencer Oliver
Willem Oltmans
Francis X. O'Neill
Operation 40
Manuel Orcarberrio
Harold Orr
Lee Harvey Oswald
Marina Oswald
Robert W. Owen
Michael Paine
John Paisley
John Arthur Paisley
Robert Parry
Ron Pataky
Lenny Patrick
William Pawley
Lisa Pease
Manuel Pena
Lee R. Pennington
David Atlee Phillips
Otis G. Pike
Tosh Plumlee
Luis Posada Carriles
Anthony A. Poshepny
Gerald Posner
David Francis Powers
Carlos Prio
William Proxmire
Rafael Quintero
Frank Ragano
Robin Ramsay
J. Lee Rankin
Dan Rather
Sam Rayburn
Walter Raymond Jr
Bebe Rebozo
Norman Redlich
Manuel Ray
Warren Reynolds
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Ackworth School +  +
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Gary Aguilar +  +
Max Aitken +  +
Clifford Allen +  +
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Stephen Alley +  +
Alpha 66 +  +
Joseph Alsop +  +
Stewart Alsop +  +
James Altgens +  +
Gilberto Alvarado +  +
America First Committee +  +
American Civil War +  +
American Security Council +  +
John Amery +  +
Leo Amery +  +
Ulius Amoss +  +
Jack Anderson +  +
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