H. John Heinz III

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Person.png H. John Heinz III   C-SPAN Spartacus
(businessman, politician)
H. John Heinz III.jpg
Born Henry John Heinz III
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Died April 4, 1991 (Age 52)
Lower Merion Township, Pennsylvania
Cause of death
plane crash
Nationality American
Alma mater Yale University, Harvard Business School
Religion Roman Catholic
Children • H. John Heinz IV
• André Heinz
• Christopher Drake Heinz
Parents H. John Heinz II
Spouse Teresa Heinz
Victim of premature death
Party Republican

H. John Heinz III was a US politician. He was instrumental in getting the Clean Air Act passed by the US Senate in 1990.


In 1978 he attended the Bilderberg meeting with his father, a member of the Bilderberg Advisory Committee.


John Simkin describes the circumstances of Heinz' death as follows: "On 4th April, 1991, Heinz flew to Philadelphia to conduct the first in a series of investigative hearings to examine the telemarketing of medical equipment to Medicare beneficiaries. His Piper Aerostar PA60, carrying him and four other adults developed landing-gear trouble, a helicopter was dispatched to examine the problem. The helicopter's blades accidentally hit the bottom of the plane. Both aircraft crashed to the ground killing everyone on board."[1]

The next day a friend of his, John Tower was also killed in a plane crash.


Event Participated in

Bilderberg/197821 April 1978 - 23 April 1978Princeton University
New Jersey


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