Tony Cuesta

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Person.png Tony Cuesta   SpartacusRdf-icon.png
(businessman, spook)
Born 13 June 1926
Died 2 December 1992 (Age 66)
Cause of death
heart attack
Alma mater University of Havana
Member of Alpha 66

Tony Cuesta was a founder of Alpha 66 and later set up the guerilla group Comandos L. He admitted to involvemnt in the JFK assassination.

Capture in Cuba

Cuesta was captured during a mission at Monte Barreto in the Miramar district of Cuba on 29th May, 1966. A member of his team, Herminio Diaz Garcia, was killed during the raid. Cuesta, who always vowed that Castro would never take him alive, attempted suicide by setting off a grenade. He was blinded and lost his right hand, but survived. He was imprisoned in Cuba. In 1978 President Jimmy Carter arranged for a group of imprisoned exiles to be released, which included Cuesta.[1]

JFK Assassination

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Cuesta told General Fabian Escalante that he had been involved in the JFK assassination. He also named two (deceased) colleagues Herminio Diaz Garcia and Eladio del Valle as being involved in the conspiracy.[1]


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