Gorden Sunderland Campbell

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Person.png Gorden Sunderland Campbell SpartacusRdf-icon.png
(soldier, spook)
Born 5 July, 1905
"19 September, 1962"
Nationality USA

Not to be confused with the Canadian Bilderberger Gorden Campbell

Gordon Campbell is listed by John Simkin as under 'Disinformation'[1]


Date uncertain, though a death certificate claims he died on 19 September 1962.

JFK Assassination

In a 1994 letter, Bradley E. Ayers claimed that Gordon Campbell was one of 9 people based at JM/WAVE with "intimate operational knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the assassination" of John F. Kennedy. The others were Edward Roderick, Grayston Lynch, Theodore Shackley, Felix Rodriguez, Thomas Clines, David Morales, Rip Robertson and Tony Sforza.[2]