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Born14 February 1876
Moscow, Russia
Died6 April 1969 (Age 93)
Alma materKing's College London, Glasgow University
British intelligence officer who was part of the plot to assassinate Grigori Rasputin.

Captain Stephen Alleywas a British mechanical engineer and Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) agent in pre-revolutionary Russia who played a role in the assassination of Rasputin in 1916. [1]

Early life

Stephen Alley was born on 14 February 1876[2] at Arkhangelskoye Estate near Moscow.[3] After being educated in Russia he attended King's College London where he studied English Literature, and later moved to Glasgow University where he took a degree in engineering.

He was commissioned a second-lieutenant in the Surrey Yeomanry on 18 October 1902.[4]


After university he joined the family firm of Alley & McLellan Engineers in London. In 1910 he returned to Russia, where he helped build the first heavy oil pipeline to the Black Sea. He became experienced in building rail transport.[5]

After the outbreak of the First World War Alley went to work for Lieutenant-Colonel Samuel Hoare, the head of the Secret Intelligence Service station in Petrograd.[1]

On 24th November 1916 Scale was sent to Romania to assist in a British Secret Intelligence Service operation to destroy the Romanian oil fields and corn harvest ahead of the invading German troops.

He is noted by many authors and documentaries for involvement in the murder of Grigori Rasputin whilst working for the British Military Control Office in Saint Petersburg.[6][7] Alley was alleged to be the author of a letter to John Scale on 25 December 1916 that, if authentic, is claimed by BBC History to be "the best proof of British involvement in Rasputin's murder."[8]

Stephen Alley participated in a plan to try to extract the Russian Imperial Family, the Romanovs, imprisoned in the Ipatiev House in 1918 by the Bolsheviks. The plan did not work out.[9]

Alley returned to England in March 1918, where he was eventually transferred to MI5.[1]


Alley died in 1969.[10]


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