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Member ofWatergate burglars

Virgilio R. "Villo" González was one of five burglars in the head office of the democrats at the Watergate hotel.


González was a driver of the Cuban naval officer Felipe Vidal Santiago. After Fidel Castro seized power in Cuba, they emigrated to Miami.


In winter 1962 Eddie Bayo claimed that two officers in the Red Army based in Cuba wanted to defect to the United States. He added that they wanted to pass on details about atomic warheads and missiles that were still in Cuba, in breach of the agreement that followed the Cuban Missile Crisis. A small group with González and Eugenio Martinez (who also became a Watergate burglar) went in 1963 on an unsuccessful secret mission to Cuba to find these officers.

JFK assassination

Some researchers believe Gonzalez was involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. One source claims that Gonzalez was the gunman in the Dal-Tex building and Eugenio Martinez was his spotter.[1]


González was a Watergate burglar together with Eugenio Martinez, Bernard Barker, James W. McCord and Frank Sturgis. When arrested, he was described as was a locksmith from Miami. He was found guilty and given a 40 year “provisionary” sentence - depending on whether he cooperated with government prosecutors.[2]