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(businessman, lawyer, spook, deep state actor)
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BornRobert Aime Maheu
Waterville, Maine
Died2008-08-04 (Age 90)
Las Vegas, Nevada
Alma materHoly Cross, Georgetown University
Howard Hughes' right-hand man for many years. A deep state operative suspected of contracting Thane Eugene Cesar to assassinate RFK.

Robert Aime Maheu was a CIA agent whom Lisa Pease suspected of arranging for Thane Eugene Cesar to assassinate RFK. The Washington Post published a "nuanced article"[1] on this topic.[2]


Robert Maheu attended College of the Holy Cross and was Edward Bennett Williams' debating team partner.


Maheu worked with Edward Bennett Williams in the defence of a former OSS agent, Aldo Icardi, accused of murdering Major William Holohan and stealing $100 million in gold to distribute among Italian partisans.[3]

RFK Assassination

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Maheu had previously employed Thane Eugene Cesar in Los Angeles.[2]