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The COVID deep event has distinguished itself with unprecedentedly sharp censorship of dissent. Contracts, jobs and lives have been terminated in the effort to remove dissenting voices.

“There’s no heroism in any of this. This is merely a matter of honesty. The only possible way to fight the plague is honesty.”
Albert Camus (1947)  [1]

Dissidents from the COVID-19 official narrative are often subjected to COVID censorship, given polarising labels such as "Covid denier"[2][3] or "anti-vaxxer". Several here, including heads of state, are also listed as COVID premature deaths.

Official narrative

Corporate media followed a few main taking points to hinder dissidence, namely that all opposition was unscientific (anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists, opponents against any part of the measures were right wing extremists, and in any case, dissidence was a rare phenomenon. The social distancing and forced masking contributed to the feeling that one were alone with these doubts.

Medical Opposition

Despite intense pressure to conform, many doctors and scientists have supported or participated in the resistance. Their research can't be named or linked on Facebook or Youtube, they have been raided by the tax office and lost their jobs, and often had their Wikipedia article rewritten as soon as they voiced concerns publicly. The censorship intensified after the COVID-vaccines were introduced. Some (see also bottom of page) covered in Wikispooks include:

Doctor Carrie Madej said COVID vaccines are meant “to make us into genetically modified organisms” and to “hook us all up to an artificial intelligence interface”. BBC says this is false. The "fact checker" they referenced was Bill Gates. The Gates Foundation says it is fake news LOL.[4]


Full article: Great Barrington declaration

The Great Barrington from October 2020 included more than 16,000 medical personnel and others protesting all aspects of the situation.

A group of doctors wrote a letter to the Premier advocating an alternative response to disease management, noting that more than 41,000 people die every year in Victoria, roughly 10,000 each from cardiovascular disease and cancer, yet in seven months of a supposed pandemic less than 600 Victorians have died of Covid-19: 90% of them over 65 years of age and most with multiple co-morbidities.[5][6]

Full article: Covid Doctors Network: Open Letter to Premier Daniel Andrews

In early September 2020 a letter signed by 619 medical doctors 1710 medically trained health professionals from Belgium is sent to authorities and media asks for an open debate about the corona-measures without any form of censorship.[7][8]

In July the extra-parliamentary Corona review board formed to discuss with experts the overreach of the taken measures and influence policymakers (ACU2020).[9][10][11][12] Robert F. Kennedy was invited as a speaker to a gathering in Berlin on 29 August 2020.[13]

The Corona Investigative Committee started in April 2020.

Dissident nation states

The first national leader to explicitly and publicly dissent from the COVID official narrative was Pierre Nkurunziza, President of Burundi. He declined assistance from the WHO officials and instructed them to leave the country. He died suddenly in 2020, reportedly from COVID-19.


President of Belarus, Alyaksander Lukashenko, stated that COVID-19 was a plot by globalists. Subject to at least 1 failed coup and at least 1 failed revolution soon afterwards.[citation needed]


Pierre Nkurunziza, the longest-ruling President of Burundi, who was friends John Magufuli, died suddenly in 2020.


John Magufuli made his findings about the WHO in his country public, which itself found Covid in very many things. He died a year later.


Jovenel Moïse, the President of Haiti declined to go along with the COVID innoculation project. He was assassinated in 2021.


Vaccine uptake in Romania was much lower than in Western Europe, and by August 2021, the country was shutting vaccination centres.[14] The country donated COVID millions of vaccines to other countries including Denmark, Tunisia, Egypt, Albania, Vietnam, Ireland, Ukraine, Serbia and South Korea.[15]

“I am not a fan of the vaccinated, the unvaccinated going separately to the mall. The malls were open last year when we didn’t have a vaccine. It would be hilarious and absurd to close them now, when we have this solution: the vaccine.”
Florin Citu (2021)  [16]



Page nameDescription
"Wikipedia/List of COVID-19 conspiracy theorists"The people and groups that Wikipedia consider COVID-19 conspiracy theorists.
Giorgio AgambenItalian philosopher who spoke out clearly criticism of the case for excessive social control at the start of COVID-19
Kim AlbertsActivist with a focus on vaccine injury in the US.
Anonyme CitoyenTelegram channel that posts videos of protests around the world. Started during the Yellow Vest movement.
'Little Apostate'A young woman in the US who became critical of the Covid-19 related legislation and started a podcast. Seems to be inactive since mid-2022.
Bryan ArdisMD who's father in law died due to fatal hospital protocols.
Shiva AyyaduraiIndian-American biologist and dissident.
Beate BahnerA German lawyer who publicly announced her intention to challenge the legality of the German COVID lockdown measures. She was imprisoned without trial on grounds of mental health.
Alex BerensonProminent US Covid dissident
Sucharit BhakdiOne of the first and most important dissidents against Covid.
Johann BiacsicsLeader of the Austrian Anti-vaxxer movement dies of COVID?
Volker Birk
Rashid ButtarUS physician targeted for censorship and harassment as one of the "Disinformation Dozen" by the Center for Countering Digital Hate and the US government during the Covid deep event. Died prematurely in 2023, shortly after a CNN interview where he claimed he had been poisoned.
Dolores CahillIrish molecular biologist and immunologist who early and loudly protested against the official pandemic narrative. Predicts disaster from experimental gene therapies peddled as vaccines.
Brad CampbellFounder of the Health Assurance Movement
David CartlandUK doctor who resigned about the COVID-19 event and came out as a COVID-19 dissident
Shankara ChettySouth African doctor who says that the Covid 19 vaccine is a method of depopulation.<a href="#cite_note-1">[1]</a>
Ryan ColePathologist wo has reported a rise in unusual cancers after the rollout of the COVID-19 jabs
Vernon ColemanMedical doctor with decades of experience. His Wikipedia article received a complete re-write when he started to criticize the official narrative on Covid-19.
Piers CorbynThe activist brother of UK politician Jeremy Corbyn.
Jonathan Jay CoueyScientist and biological researcher who has questioned the efficacy of "gain-of-function" research and suggested that COVID-19 may have been cause by means other than a synthetic virus.
Iain DavisUK writer and researcher with a background in journalism and health care. Published Pseudopandemic in June 2021
James DelingpoleBritish COVID-19 Dissident journalist
Willem EngelDutch "Covid denier" who was arrested when he became too much of a headache.
Cassandra FairbanksAmerican journalist; reported on Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning.
Celia FarberJournalist and author who exposed the false "HIV leading to AIDS" connection, and how iatrogenic treatment with the highly toxic drug AZT caused mass death.
Norman FentonBritish mathematician and computer scientist who "challenges the global covid-19 narrative, exposing the use and abuse of statistics."
Robert Fico
Viviane FischerDissident lawyer who works with the Corona Investigative Committee
Reiner FuellmichDissident lawyer who was involved with the Corona Investigative Committee, now accused of theft.
Călin GeorgescuClub of Rome member.
Maryam HeneinActivist and health practitioner, known for Vanishing of the Bees.
Charles HoffeCanadian doctor who blew the whistle on large-scale RNA vaccine injuries.
C. J. HopkinsAmerican political satirist based in Berlin. A prominent Covid dissident, he was persecuted by the German judicial system on trumped-up charges.
Kim IversenAmerican independent journalist. "Analysis of today's politics. Foreign Policy, Pandemic, Elections and More. I don't fall in line when the line leads to Bullshit" - Iversen
Thomas JendgesHead of a hospital in Chemnitz who died from a fall of his roof.
Steve KirschAmerican serial entrepreneur and from 2020, a COVID-19/Dissident.
Pierre KoryFounding member of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance
Kari LakeUS politician aligned with Trump
Christopher LanganAmerican horse rancher and autodidact who's IQ is estimated to be beyond 200.
Sasha LatypovaFormer big pharma executive who exposed how all Covid countermeasures, including the biological warfare agents marketed as "Covid-19 vaccines" were created, produced and distributed in a covert military program, where the pharma manufacturers only worked as subcontractors.
Francine LewisBritish impressionist; COVID-19/Dissident
Carrie MadejUS doctor who investigated the ingredients of Covid-19 vaccines.
John MagufuliPresident of Tanzania who refused to institute a Covid lockdown and rejected WHO advice. Died aged 61 after harsh criticism by western controlled media. A close friend of Pierre Nkurunziza, President of Burundi who took a similar policy and died suddenly in 2020.
David E. Martin
Chrissie MayrAmerican comedian and Covid-19 dissenter
Cynthia McKinneyAmerican politician who did question the official narrative of 9/11 early on.
Lee MerrittSpinal Surgeon with a military background
Robin MonottiOne of the most prominent COVID-19/Dissidents in the UK and the world, especially through his Telegram channel
Michael NehlsPublished The Indoctrinated Brain about
... further results


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