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(doctor, activist, dissident)
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BornJuly 8, 1954
Alma materUniversity of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), Midwestern University
Member of"Disinformation Dozen"
Declared an enemy of the state as "Covid disinformation dozen" by US government

Dr. Jospeph Mercola is a US osteopathic physician and alternative medicine proponent. His skepticism to several things pushed through by the medical community (heavily influenced by Big Pharma) and his own health recommendations has led to increasing condemnations in corporate media.

During the COVID-19 deep event, his warnings against Covid-19 modified RNA vaccines and other issues led to the US administration in 2021 labeling him one of the "Covid disinformation dozen".

In August 2021, he declared that from now on, "each article I publish will be available for only 48 hours and will then be removed from the website".."to appease the individuals in power who have an arsenal of overwhelming tools at their disposal, and are actively engaged in using them."[1]


Other views Mercola supports include:

  • Mercola has been highly critical of vaccines and vaccination policy, claiming that too many vaccines are given too soon during infancy.
  • Dietary advice on food consumption differing from official recommendations, including use of vitamin D, also available from natural sunlight.
  • Advocacy on the labeling and health of genetically modified food, as well as for their elimination entirely from the market.[2]
  • Claims that microwaving food alters its chemistry.
  • Opposition to homogenization, claiming that homogenized milk has little nutritional value and contributes to a variety of negative health effects.
  • has featured positive presentations of the claims of scientist who dispute the role of HIV in causing AIDS.
  • Claiming cancer risks arise from mobile phone radiation.
  • Claims that many commercial brands of sunscreen increase, rather than decrease, the likelihood of contracting skin cancer with high UV exposure, and instead advocating the use of natural sunscreens, some of which he markets on his website.
  • He reported about the dangers Vioxx. In 2004, the drug was withdrawn by Merck from the market due to its potential to cause adverse cardiovascular effects.[2]
  • In 2006, he advised against aspartame due to its connection to leukemia and 90 other different related adverse reactions.[2]
  • In 2001, he warned against the use of mercury in dentistry, which was revealed to have close links to the development of Alzheimer's disease.[2]


He graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1976, and the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine (now Midwestern University) in 1982.

As a traditional doctor, his medical practice back in 1985 consisted of conventional techniques, such as routine physical checkups, medicine prescriptions and school physical exams. He was the chairman of the family medicine department at St. Alexius Medical Center for five years and the chief resident at the Chicago Osteopathic Hospital from 1984 to 1987.[2]

His exploration of natural and holistic medicine only began in the early '90s, when he noticed that conventional approaches failed to treat his patients. He then focused on modifying their diet and making them more physically active, which led to great improvements in their health. This realization pushed him to form alliances with other like-minded individuals, such as scientists and medical professionals, to learn more about the natural and holistic side of medicine.[2]

He eventually founded in 1997, as a portal for natural health information and resources. It is one of the first health websites established to cater to readers who are interested in holistic medicine.

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