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(Activist, Covid-19 dissenter)
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Interests • mRNA
• Covid 19 vaccine
• Vaccine
• Vaccine shedding
Activist with a focus on vaccine injury in the US.

Kim Alberts is the name of a person that started to document medical irregularities related to the Covid 19 vaccine on Instagram, mainly via screenshots from social media posts.[1][2] These reports focused on strong side effects in people who have received an mRNA based vaccine. The initial account got deleted along with several follow up accounts. The accuracy and authenticity of these posts, which in part appear to not come from openly accessible content, but from:

can not be verified at large, but nonetheless indicate serious unknown vaccine side effects.

Medical problems described in these posts have become part of mainstream media reporting.[3][4][5][6]

Another phenomenon that has been coming into focus, is the influence vaccinated people have on un-vaccinated. It is speculated to be possible due to viral shedding.[7][8][9]