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(Journalist, COVID-19/Dissident, Science dissident)
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Alma materNew York University
ParentsBarry Farber
Exposed • AIDS
Journalist and author who exposed the false "HIV leading to AIDS" connection, and how iatrogenic treatment with the highly toxic drug AZT caused mass death.

Celia Ingrid Farber is a US journalist and author who has covered a range of topics, most notably the alleged "AIDS pandemic" and how the treatment of people with HIV with AZT caused mass death.

Progressive Commentary Hour - 031212 - Celia Farber / interview with Gary Null

CF:I began my Aids Work in 1986, as an intern at Spin, and later research assistant to the then-executive editor, Rudy Langlais. I had by then already become quite obsessed about the subject.

Q: What accounted for the beginning of this obsession?

CF: My own fear. My own receptivity to the propaganda, which was going full-gong at the time — the mid-Eighties — and the transmission “model” of that time, which was the tertiary transmission model, which probably very few people remember. When they were saying was, if you ever had sexual contact with anybody who ever had sexual contact with anybody who was in a “risk group,” which in those days ranged from Haitians to IV drug users to plumbers in Italy, you were at high risk for HIV/AIDS and swift death. It was a very draconian model. We were all certain that we would die of AIDS. Because everybody more or less fit into some part of that scare web that they had cast at the time. [1]



A Quote by Celia Farber

Iatrogenesis“The death blow to FDA's safety function was AZT. After that, any potentially deadly disease became an excuse for curtailing clinical trials. Death by medication was normalized as an inherent part of progress.”10 September 2021The Real Anthony Fauci
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