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Group.png London School of Economics  
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Abbreviation LSE
Motto Rerum cognoscere causas
Type Public research university
Headquarters London, UK
Subgroups LSE/POLIS

The London School of Economics (LSE) is in London, UK.


Alumni on Wikispooks

Elliott Abrams24 January 1948USPolitician
Deep politician
A deep politician heavily involved in the Iran-Contra affair, given a pardon by George H. W. Bush
George Alogoskoufis17 October 1955Economist
Anne Applebaum25 July 1964Poland
Jonathan Bartley16 October 1971Politician
Geoffrey Bell1939Economist
Alan Blinder14 October 1945Economist
Frits Bolkestein4 April 1933NetherlandsPolitician
Virginia Bottomley12 March 1948
Shami Chakrabarti16 June 1969LawyerKnown for being a long time director of Liberty, the UK civil liberties advocacy organisation, but with some interesting connections.
Paul Chambers19041981UKBusinessman
Michael Chertoff28 November 1953US
Deep politician
A long-standing US Republican Party apparatchik and dual US/Israeli citizen who has held senior US legal and national security positions.
Greg Clark28 August 1967Politician
Arthur Cockfield28 September 19168 January 2007Civil servant
Yvette Cooper20 March 1969UKMember of Parliament for Normanton
Pontefract and Castleford
Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee
Brendan Cox
Jo Cox22 June 197416 June 2016UKPoliticianEchoing Sweden's Anna Lindh, Jo Cox was killed in the run up to an [[EU Referendum |EU referendum]]. As in the case of Lindh, her murder appears not to have greatly influenced the outcome, and was officially carried out by a "lone nut".=
Andrew Coyne23 December 1960Journalist
Stella Creasy5 April 1977UKPolitician
Martin van Creveld5 March 1946IsraelHistorianAn Israeli military historian and theorist.
Lauchlin Currie8 October 190223 December 1993Canada
Mark CurtisAuthor
Ralf Dahrendorf1 May 192917 June 2009UK
Ralph Dahrendorf1 May 192917 June 2009United Kingdom GermanySociologist
Daniel P. Moynihan16 March 192726 March 2003Sociologist
United States Senator from New York
United States Ambassador to the United Nations
United States Ambassador to India
US Senate/Committee on Finance/Chair
US Senate/Committee on Environment and Public Works/Chair
Kemal Derviş10 January 1949Politician
Frank Dobson15 March 1940
David Evennett3 June 1949Politician
Stanley Fischer15 October 1943Economist
Barbara Follett25 December 1942UK
Adrian FortescueJune 1941August 2004Diplomat
Jason Furman18 August 1970USEconomist
Saif al-Islam Gaddafi25 June 1972Engineer
Philip Gould30 March 19506 November 2011UKPolitical adviser
Marc Grossman23 September 1951USDiplomat
Deep state functionary
Stephen Haseler9 January 1942Academic
Jeremy Heywood31 December 1961UK
Margaret Hodge8 September 1944UKTax avoider
Tsai Ing-wen31 August 1956Politician
Syed Kamall15 February 1967PoliticianA member of the European Parliament
Ruth Kelly9 May 1968
Paul Klebnikov3 June 19639 July 2004Journalist
Ursula von der Leyen8 October 1958
Sarah Ludford14 March 1951UKPoliticianA member of the European Parliament
Joseph Luns28 August 191117 July 2002NetherlandsPoliticianEx Secretary General of NATO, Regular Bilderberger
Kenzie MacKinnonCanadaLawyer
Michael Manley10 December 19246 March 1997JamaicaPolitician
Roy Mason18 April 192419 April 2015Politician
Michael Meacher4 November 193921 October 2015Academic
Ivan Miklos2 June 1960SlovakiaPolitician
Bill Morneau7 October 1962Politician
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