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(diplomat, deep state operative?)
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Born30. apríl 1931
Alma materColgate University, Fletcher School, London School of Economics, Institut des Études Européennes
ParentsStefán Már Benediktsson
Icelandic hih ranking diplomat who attended the 1986 Bilderberg as Ambassador to NATO.

Employment.png Icelandic Ambassador to the US

In office
1993 - 1997
Single Bilderberg

Employment.png Icelandic Ambassador to NATO

In office
1986 - 1991
Single Bilderberg

Employment.png Icelandic Ambassador to the EU

In office
1986 - 1991
Single Bilderberg

Employment.png Icelandic Ambassador to the United Kingdom

In office
11 November 1982 - 28 November 1986
Single Bilderberg

Employment.png Icelandic Ambassador to the OECD

In office
1956 - 1960
Single Bilderberg

Einar Benediktsson is an Icelandic retired diplomat.


Einar graduated from Reykjavík High School in 1950, with a BA from Colgate University, Hamilton, NY in 1953 and an MA from Fletcher School, Medford, Mass. in 1954 with economics as his main subject, as well as postgraduate studies at the London School of Economics and the Institut des Études Européennes in Turin 1954-56.[1]


Einar worked in 1956-60 in the economics department of the European Economic Community (OEEC) in Paris; 1960-64 Head of Department in the Ministries of Economic Affairs and Trade; 1964 Head of Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and that year Ambassador to Paris; 1968-70 Head of Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; 1970-76 Permanent Representative to the EFTA and international organizations in Geneva, appointed Ambassador; 1976-82 ambassador to France, as well as to the OECD and UNESCO and to Spain and Portugal (Iceland is a small country whose ambassadors cover lots of countries); 1982-86 Ambassador to the United Kingdom, as well as to the Netherlands, Ireland and Nigeria; 1986-1991 Ambassador to NATO, the European Union, Belgium and Luxembourg; 1991-93 Ambassador to Norway as well as to Poland and Czechoslovakia; 1993-98 Ambassador to the United States as well as to Canada, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela and Costa Rica. [1]

Einar worked for the Prime Minister's Office from 1998 until his retirement in 2001. For a time, he was an adviser to the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and the Prime Minister and Chairman of the Board of UNICEF Iceland 2003-2008. Einar received the Grand Knight's Cross of the Falcon Order.

Einar has done a lot of writing, and wrote the books Iceland and European Development 1950-2000, 2000; Iceland and European Development, 2003; and Understanding the World Ambassador Memoirs,2009. He has also written numerous newspaper and magazine articles and gave a YMCA lecture on the theologian and martyr Dietrich Bonhoeffer. "He is the theologian I like the most. I have attended church all my life and was raised by believing parents."[1]


Event Participated in

Bilderberg/198625 April 198627 April 1986Scotland
Gleneagles Hotel
The 34th Bilderberg, 109 participants