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(NWO,  Social control,  Agenda 21,  Technocracy,  “climate change”Infogalactic SaiditRdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
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Start25 September 2015
Founder(s)United Nations
Interest of• Glenn Beck
• Sofia Borges
• Herman Daly
• Călin Georgescu
• Rosa Koire
• Gurcharan Singh
• Francesco Starace
• World Resources Institute
A UN plan to achieve what they term "sustainable development" by 2030.

Agenda 2030, Sustainable Development Goals, "“sustainable development” or “sustainable growth” (in reality, it is the combination of deindustrialization, depopulation and ecologism), indicates (...) neo-Malthusian and neo-colonialist preferences. “Sustainable development” is a metaphor of the new world order (à la Orwell’s Newspeak), which is nothing more than control over resources (including information ones) and human behaviour (psychosphere)" according to Andrei Fursov.

“UN’s “sustainable development” policies, the SDGs, do not promote “sustainability” as most conceive of it and instead utilise the same debt imperialism long used by the Anglo-American Empire (see: The Anglo-American Establishment) to entrap nations in a new, equally predatory system of global financial governance.”
Unlimited Hangout (13 September, 2022)  [1]

Official narrative

Better living conditions for every human on the planet ... A United Nations plan to achieve what they term "sustainable development". It is collection of 17 interlinked global goals designed to be a: "blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all" and are intended to be achieved by the year 2030.[2][3] It is part of Agenda 21.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their likely meaning

The 2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are designed to be a "blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all", part of UN Resolution 70/1, the 2030 Agenda is to be achieved by 2030:[4]

1. No Poverty

see technocracy.

“Together we can feed the hungry, wipe out disease and give everyone in the world a chance to prosper and live a productive and rich life.” - UN.

What’s happening? We’ve heard this song and dance for decades, while the U.S. has stolen trillions in taxpayer dollars to allegedly help other countries with no success because they are slush funds. Currently we are all experiencing Intentional food shortages, manufactured supply chain disruptions, inflation, massive business closures and towns shuttered from forced lockdowns. The rollout of a guaranteed basic income pilot program in over 57 cities, giving out up to $1,000 a month for people to spend however they wish so it can be tracked, with a goal to create a federal policy of universal income for all. ([[UBI}})[5]

2. Zero Hunger

see Genetically Modified Organisms GMO and insect eating 'Elitists Are Building Megalopolis, Where Plebs Will Eat Insects'

“End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.” - UN.

"What’s happening? We’ve heard this song and dance for decades, while the U.S. has stolen trillions in taxpayer dollars to allegedly help other countries with no success because they are slush funds. Currently we are all experiencing Intentional food shortages, manufactured supply chain disruptions, inflation, massive business closures and towns shuttered from forced lockdowns. The rollout of a guaranteed basic income pilot program in over 57 cities, giving out up to $1,000 a month for people to spend however they wish so it can be tracked, with a goal to create a federal policy of universal income for all."[6]

3. Good Health and Well-being

see forced vaccination Vaccine/Mandation.

“Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. Over the past 15 years, the number of childhood deaths has been cut in half.” - UN.

What’s happening? Over 75% of our food is GMO, major heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and obesity are off the charts, FDA blocks therapeutics proven to work, removing medical licenses of doctors who dared to treat people, forcing children to wear bacteria-filled masks for hours a day, elderly murdered in nursing homes, mandated experimental gene therapy causing hundreds of thousands of people to die globally, including babies.[7]

4. Quality Education

see Brainwashing

“Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.” - UN.

What’s happening? Mass scale brainwashing through social emotional learning, critical race theory, sexualization of children, gender confusion, puberty blockers, mandated masks in schools, universities demanding students get experimental gene therapy, total lack of academic education, and barbaric student loans. But yes, they do want “lifelong” obedience training in place.[8]

5. Gender Equality

see transgender indoctrination in "What is A Woman"

“Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. Political, Economic and social equality for women will benefit all the world’s citizens.” - UN.

What’s happening? Girls have been conditioned to lose all sense of self identity and gender leaving them totally confused while being trained to be independent from their parents, women were conditioned to leave their children and work outside the home to break apart the family unit, all while manipulation tactics were injected to demoralize men at the same time. It’s not about “equality,” it’s about controlling a population by dividing them.[9]

6. Clean Water and Sanitation

see Water/Fluoridation

“Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. One in three people live with sanitation. This is causing unnecessary disease and death.” - UN.

What’s happening? Farmers are blocked from access to water as their fields go dry, streets are rife with homelessness, crack pipes, needles, and feces, immigrants are welcomed by the bus and plane loads while forgoing tests, given aid, and stand on street corners begging for money as they allegedly live without water or sanitation.[10]

7. Affordable and Clean Energy

see book "Energy: created crisis" by Antony C. Sutton

“Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. Implementing these new energy solutions as fast as possible is essential to counter climate change, one of the biggest threats to our own survival.” - UN.

What’s happening? The billionaires are making bank on this manufactured industry while bringing in the all electric era of vehicles that can be shut off remotely with a kill switch. Gas prices have reach an all time high and the Biden regime has brought our strategic petroleum reserve to the lowest it’s been since 1987. California can’t even keep the lights on but are happy to push their power grid to the brink with the “all electric” scheme. There is nothing “affordable” about it. Meanwhile, Bill Gates and friends at Harvard want to block the sun.[11]

8. Decent Work and Economic Growth

see degrowth "GDP is likely to shrink in a "Degrowth society", i.e. a society in which the objectives of the degrowth movement are achieved"

“Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all. If we promote job creation with expanded access to banking and financial services, we can make sure that everybody gets the benefits of entrepreneurship and innovation.” - UN.

What’s happening? This one is probably the most outlandish one of them all. They are doing everything in their power to crash economies across the globe so they can rule over everyone, have managed to get away with the biggest transfer of wealth in history, and while they stomp on entrepreneurs the only reason they want everyone to have access to a bank is so they can be surveilled and spending controlled, which builds an obedient digital citizen.[12]

9. Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

banning cars see: A carfree city and prison-like smart cities

“Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation. We need to promote innovative sustainable technologies and ensure equal and universal access to information and financial markets.” - UN.

What’s happening? In the U.S. they passed a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill to build the smart grid control system. This is happening in countless countries all over the world. Packaged as “convenience, safety, and sustainable,” the only thing “equal” is the billionaire globalists behind these schemes each taking their cut.[13]

10. Reducing Inequality

see replacing cash with energy credits: technocracy

“Reduce inequality within and among countries. Too much of the world’s wealth is held by a very small group of people. In order for nations to flourish, equality and prosperity must be available to everyone – regardless of gender, race, religious beliefs or economic status.” - UN.

What’s happening? BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street own nearly every industry and company with the same corrupt billionaires operating as stakeholders within these industries, so yes, the “world’s wealth is most certainly held by a very small group of people.” If allowing these monopolies to happen represents “equality and prosperity available to everyone,” that should be everyone’s first clue that the world is being conned.[14]

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities

see the prison-like smart cities

“Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.” - UN.

What’s happening? How “safe” have cities felt over the past few years with the preplanned social disruption experiments to form and rollout groups such as Antifa and BLM to cause riots, destroy cities, and commit violence? While intentionally shuttering small businesses and small towns on the outskirts, they are culling the masses into the cities where they have been building their smart grid control system and investors have been buying up homes to convert to rentals, which is why they want everyone on a digital ID and want all people, products, resources, and food items tracked and traced via the blockchain. This gives them the ability to control access, spending, travel, thermostats, energy usage, food, and healthcare.[15]

12. Responsible Consumption and Production

see degrowth "GDP is likely to shrink in a "Degrowth society", i.e. a society in which the objectives of the degrowth movement are achieved"

“Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. Our planet has provided us with an abundance of natural resources but we have not utilized them responsibly and currently consume far beyond what our planet can provide.“ - UN.

What’s happening? Over 640 million acres or 28% of all U.S. land is owned by the federal government. The billionaires, or 1%, have utilized the resources that aren’t controlled by the federal government, so as to capitalize on it and maintain their power to manufacture newly needed industries while blaming citizens for “consuming too much.” They are moving to synthetic meat and gene-edited produce, all of which they are investors in or owners of, because citizens are “consuming too much.”[16]

13. Climate Action

see climate change

“Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. Climate change is a real and undeniable threat to our entire civilization. The effects are visible and will be catastrophic unless we act now. Through education, innovation and “adherence” to our climate commitments, we can make the necessary changes to protect the planet. These changes will provide huge opportunities to modernize our infrastructure.” - UN.

What’s happening? One of the greatest fear based hoaxes of all time to manufacture an industry that not only makes the corrupt billionaires wealthier, it is being used to control access to power and energy supply, incorporated into surveilled electric vehicles all hooked into the smart grid, to remove traditional farming and bring it indoors for gene-edited food, to change policies at the federal level, big investment firms requiring companies to obey and modify their facilities so they can be worthy of investment, and a climate score will roll into everyone’s social score to determine their access and spending in the world. For decades, their “climate change” predictions of doom and gloom have been wrong, and yet with each decade that passes, they continue to push the same narrative despite the fact the world didn’t go up in flames.[17]

14. Life Below Water

"UN and the oiligarchs are teaming up to take over the oceans" and [18], [19]

“Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development. Oceans and seas cover 70 percent of our planet and we rely on them for food, energy and water. We must protect them…and immediately start to responsibly manage and protect all marine life around the world.” - UN.

What’s happening? The FDA approved of genetically modified salmon, fish farms and aquaponics is another industry evolving for additional control over the food.[20]

15. Life On Land

see Wall Street and Bill Gates confiscation & buying up of farmland'-land-confiscated-for-'carbon:1,

“Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss. It is the key to our survival.” - UN.

What’s happening? They’ve used forests and land to roll out surveillance programs that span the entire U.S., they’ve exposed our land and people to poisonous chemicals for decades with Monsanto being one of the biggest players, and they are buying up the land for themselves.[21]

16. Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions

see social credit system

“Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels. Compassion and a strong “moral compass” is essential to every democratic society. We must ensure that we have strong institutions, “global” standards of justice, and a commitment to peace everywhere.” - UN.

What’s happening? They lost me at “moral compass.” There are two justice systems in the U.S. One is for the corrupt globalists covered in all of the reports below, and the other is for citizens. That is evident in how much money laundering and crimes against humanity have taken place while no justice is served. They’ve worked very hard at dividing people into as many groups as possible, which is the opposite of “inclusive.” Divide and conquer is their goal. Just look at how well they have achieved this, and how many people have fallen for it.[22]

17. Partnerships for the Goals

see Rockefeller Foundation that is a partner for UN

“Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development. International investments and support is needed to ensure innovative technological development, fair trade and market access. To build a better world we need to be supportive, empathetic, inventive, passionate, and above all, cooperative.” - UN.

What’s happening? By “cooperative” they mean “obedient.” By “partnerships” they mean the corrupt globalist billionaires that answer to their puppet masters, and governments who turn over taxpayer dollars to build the enslavement system. By “empathetic” they mean toward themselves and one another. By “passionate” and “inventive” they mean the thrill of power they hold and the inventions they will continue to make to enslave humanity. They manufacture a crisis, then pretend to come to the rescue with solutions that will create all new industries to save the day. They own those industries, make billions on it, and with each new creation they try to own the people.[23]


An alternative rendering of Klaus Schwab's Agenda 2030

“Their agenda outlines sound harmless enough, as most propaganda and social programs do, always ignoring the actual short and long term harms while depending on corrupt science and rigged systems that always serve the wealthy.

The Agenda 21 of 1992 was rebranded in 2015 to become Agenda 2030, aka Sustainable Development Goals, intending to strip humanity of all our freedoms and herd us all into crowded cities trapped [see: smart cities] there dependent on universal basic income and a rigged social credit system in disposable consumerist rental lifestyles, leaving the rest of the planets resources and wealth to the control and whims of the ruling class technocracy.

Rather than reforming this authoritarian agenda, billionaires pay millionaires to tell the middle class the poor are the problem and their corporate media claim humanity, our population numbers, and our pollution are problematic yet the hypocritical corporatocracy is never criticized for their pollution, corruption, deception, manipulation, exploitation, perpetual wars, or how they steer us into their debt-slave consumerist lifestyles.

It may initially sound like a sustainable green techno-utopia but it will undoubtedly evolve into a capitalist-communist-totalitarian slumlord's inescapable ghetto.”
JasonCarswell (18 January 2021‎)  [24]

UN self-investigating the value of public-private partnerships (G3Ps) for achieving the SDGs showed they are more costly, are harder to access, are less accountable to citizens and provide shoddier quality

In 2016, UN-DESA published a working paper investigating the value of 'public-private partnerships (G3Ps)' for achieving the SDGs ('Sustainable Development Goals'). The lead author, Jomo KS, was the Assistant Secretary General in the United Nations system responsible for economic research (2005-2015).

UN-DESA broadly found that G3Ps, in their current form, were not fit for purpose:[25]

[C]laims of reduced cost and efficient delivery of services through [G3Ps] to save tax payers money and benefit consumers were mostly empty and [. . .] ideological assertions. [. . ] [G3P] projects were more costly to build and finance, provided poorer quality services and were less accessible [. . .] Moreover, many essential services were less accountable to citizens when private corporations were involved. [. . .] Investors in [G3Ps] face a relatively benign risk [. . .] penalty clauses for non-delivery by private partners are less than rigorous, the study questioned whether risk was really being transferred to the private partners in these projects. [. . .] [T]he evidence suggests that [G3Ps] have often tended to be more expensive than the alternative of public procurement while in a number of instances they have failed to deliver the envisaged gains in quality of service provision.

- Sustainable Debt Slavery, Unlimited Hangout (13 September, 2022)[26] [27]

Corey Lynn on


"These “Global Goals” are said to be “agreed upon by all world leaders to build a greener, fairer, better world by 2030, and we all have a role in achieving them.” By “role” they mean that people will be required to be obedient digital citizens with no personal rights or freedoms, and will “own nothing and be happy.”

It’s important to note that these 17 goals are used primarily for marketing fluff to convince the masses that this is all for the greater good. Within these 17 goals they have 169 targets with 230 indicators that measure the progress of those targets. Many of these target points involve major data collecting, aggregating, and sharing, and much of what is described is akin to the marketing fluff used in the 17 goals. In other words, they either state what they plan to do but aren’t really doing it or carry out a goal but for the exact opposite reason as stated.

A perfect example is their push for everyone in the world to have access to a bank account under the guise of equality and to be able to provide direct assistance to those in poverty, yet if you review all of their other plans around the financial industry and digital IDs (ID2020) it becomes quite clear that it is for the purpose of creating a universal basic income that is monitored and spending is controlled (CBDC) based on a social score (Social credit system) derived from ones obedience level."


An example

Page nameDescription
"Smart city"A prison-city with an algorithm as warden


Related Quotations

Andrei Fursov“Attali analyzes history and present-day events in the light of the change of Merchant orders. The contemporary one — the ninth — is going through an extremely acute crisis, which will end with the demise of Pax Americana. Then a furcation will occur. In Attali’s view, either world government will be established at once or it will emerge as a result of a three-move process of the 2020-2060s: hyperempire (market without democracy), hyperconflict and hyperdemocracy with a supranational government at its head.

The analysis of Attali’s works shows that he expresses the interests of the top of the world capitalist class that adheres to ultra-globalist positions and works for the subversion of the sovereignty of nation-states. The terminology used by Attali, particularly “sustainable development” / “sustainable growth” (in reality, it is the combination of deindustrialization, depopulation and ecologism), indicates his neo-Malthusian and neo-colonialist preferences. “Sustainable development” is a metaphor of the new world order (à la Orwell’s Newspeak), which is nothing more than control over resources (including information ones) and human behaviour (psychosphere). The main thing in this order is the preservation of power, property and privileges of the world’s elite whose ideological representative Attali is.

Andrei Fursov2014
Xi Jinping“No matter what difficulties may come our way, we must adhere to a people-centered philosophy of development, place development and livelihoods front and center in global macro-policies, realize the UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and build greater synergy among existing mechanisms of development cooperation to promote balanced development worldwide. We need to uphold the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities, promote international cooperation on climate change in the context of development, and implement the outcomes of COP26 to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.”Xi Jinping17 January 2022
Christine Lagarde“I think the world that we will live in, will bear the stigmas of COVID. By that, I mean, we will not travel in the same way, as opportunistically and as randomly as we did. We probably will not socialize in the same way, as close to each other. And we will probably shift to better protection of biodiversity and better protection of the climate than otherwise we would have had.”Christine Lagarde1 September 2021
The TerraMar Project“[the The TerraMar Project] collaborates with stakeholders to make the oceans part of the 2015 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals”2014


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