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Spouse• Camilla Othman
'prime mover' in Yvonne Fletcher's murder

Saleh Ibrahim Mabrouk was expelled from Britain seven days after WPC Yvonne Fletcher’s murder on 17 April 1984, but was allowed to return to visit the UK in 2000, a year after Britain restored diplomatic relations with Libya. Mabrouk subsequently fled to Britain and claimed political asylum following the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. He returned to live in Libya in 2017.

On 16 November 2021, in a civil case brought by former police officer John Murray, Saleh Ibrahim Mabrouk was held jointly liable for the shooting of Yvonne Fletcher outside the Libyan embassy in London in 1984 by High Court Judge Martin Spencer, who said:

“The defendant, who was notably described as having possessed ‘fanatical’ pro-Gaddafi political views, in my judgment clearly assisted in the commission of the shooting, pursuant to the common design.
"He was a 'prime mover' in the plan to shoot the anti-Gaddafi demonstrators and, if necessary, any police officer who was in the way.”[1]

Arrest and release

Theresa May "complicit in murder"

In November 2015, Scotland Yard arrested Saleh Ibrahim Mabrouk at his home in south-east England on suspicion of conspiracy to murder and money laundering. Mabrouk's wife, Camilla Othman, in her 40s, and son Osama Saleh Ibrahim, in his 30s, were arrested on suspicion of money laundering only. Ibrahim, who lives in London, told the Guardian all three had been released on bail:

“It’s been like a nightmare,” he said. Describing his father’s experience, he said: “He’s OK … You know when you didn’t do anything … But we trust the law here in England.”[2]

On 16 May 2017, one month after Cressida Dick took up her duties as Metropolitan Police Commissioner, it was announced for reasons of "national security" that the murder suspect, Mabrouk, would not be taken to court. Senior policing sources told The Telegraph that the case against Mabrouk was dropped after a decision taken at the “highest level”. The source added: “Number 10 was involved.”[3]

Six days later, Libyan Salman Abedi carried out the suicide bombing at Manchester Arena killing 22 and injuring 119 people. Theresa May and her Cabinet were accused of being "complicit in murder".[4]

Concern over asylum

Former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson accused the Home Office of a ‘puzzling’ breach of its own rules in granting asylum to Saleh Ibrahim Mabrouk wanted over the murder of Yvonne Fletcher. Sir Paul said it was of huge “concern” that Mabrouk was allowed to stay in the UK, despite being the prime suspect for WPC Fletcher’s slaying. Mabrouk is understood to have been granted asylum in 2012 at a time when Theresa May was Home Secretary and five years after a review of the case named him as one of the conspirators in her murder. Sir Paul, who was Met Commissioner from 2009 to 2011, said:

“It doesn’t feel right that we gave this man asylum. It is puzzling and concerning. If it is the case he was granted asylum then based on the rules as I understand them it is very puzzling. It adds to the argument that a full explanation is required for why the case was dropped.”

British agent

John Murray, a police officer who held WPC Fletcher as she lay dying after being shot outside the Libyan embassy in 1984, said the decision to give Mabrouk asylum was “scandalous”. Murray said it added to his conviction that Mabrouk had been an agent for the British intelligence services at a time when the UK Government was attempting to bring Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s regime back into the fold after years as a terrorist pariah state:

“If he is a liaison between Libya and MI6 that would explain why he has got asylum."[5]

Gaddafi-supporting wife

On 20 May 2017, it emerged that Mabrouk's wife, Camilla Othman, had been accused of targeting her fellow Libyans at Reading University over their support of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's opponents during the 2011 uprising against his regime. Those who remember Mrs Othman say she was vociferous in supporting the Libyan leader. One source even claimed:

"At the time she threatened Libyan students studying in Reading on Libyan government grants, whom she found out where supporting the uprising and threatened to report them and have their grants cut off."

During Mrs Othmans’ alleged clashes with Libyan students a number of social media users Tweeted about her activities. One, calling himself 'Libyan Mad Dog', wrote in June 2011: "Camilla ben Othman the wife of Saleh Ibrahim (one of Girdafi's dogs) who lives in Reading is trying to scare Libyans away from donating."[6]


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