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Flag of the Nazi Party (1920 to 1945)
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Over 70 years on, the word "Nazi" is still used as a pejorative, underlining is key role as an enemy image in the just war narrative

Nazi is the anglicized diminutive of the German word Nationalsozialist (Eng: National Socialist), which in turn is an abbreviation of Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (Eng: National Socialist German Workers’ Party) with the acronym NSDAP (Eng: Nazi Party). It was coined as an Enemy Image propaganda epithet (see below) and has remained in use by the war's victors ever since.

The NSDAP was the political party which brought Adolf Hitler to power in Germany in 1933. The government lasted until 1945.


National Socialist Germany, referred to by the establishment as "Nazi Germany", was a country under the governance of Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist German Workers' Party (German: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or NSDAP), referred to by the establishment as the "Nazi Party". National Socialist Germany came about in 1933, the year Hitler was elected Chancellor. National Socialist Germany arose out of the ineffectual state that was the Weimar Republic, that plunged Germany into poverty as a result of the Treaty of Versailles after World War I.

Enemy image

In accordance with the "Good War" official narrative of WWII, it is commonly used, in simplistic knee-jerk fashion, as an epithet epitomising the worst kind of reactionary fascism.

Business with Nazi Germany

The father of the billionaires Charles G. and David H. Koch helped construct a major oil refinery in Nazi Germany that was personally approved by Adolf Hitler, according to a new history of the Kochs and other wealthy families.[1] This is one of many examples of The Money Power enabling both sides in major confronations and disputes.

Prescott Bush also did a lot of business with Nazi Germany.[2]



"The Holocaust"In its capitalized form "The Holocaust" refers in the Western world to the treatment of the Jewish populations of Germany and German occupied territories during WW2 (1939-45). Its use in this format stems from about the mid-1960's (i.e. more than 20 years after the events it claims to define). It does not appear in histories or documents before that time.


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