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(journalist, historian, researcher, author)
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BornAugust 9, 1944
Interests • peak oil
• climate change
• Genetically modified organism
• geopolitics
• US deep state

F. William Engdahl is author of A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics in the New World Order.


Engdahl is a contributing author of Boiling Frogs Post.


Engdahl successfully predicted that Donald Trump's actions would reveal him as a puppet of the US deep state.

Engdahl has written repeatedly that the 1973 Oil Price Shock was engineered at the 1973 Bilderberg, but he has been inconsistent in his claims about Henry Kissinger's attendance. Multiple declassified documents suggest that although invited, Kissinger declined to attend.[1]


Documents by William Engdahl

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:A Mafia Don with a Pompadourarticle20 March 2016US/Mafia
Donald Trump
There are two possible conclusions to draw about the billionaire Mafia Don: either Donald Trump didn't know - or else he was fully aware - that his business associates were involved with the US Mafia. Either way, Trump is not fit to occupy "the most powerful office on Earth."
Document:Cancer of Corruption, Seeds of Destruction - The Monsanto GMO Whitewasharticle19 December 2012File:Toxicity of Roundup and Roundup-tolerant GM maize.pdf
Document:Is Oil Behind Washington’s Venezuela Coup MadnessWikispooks Page3 February 2019Venezuela
Nicolás Maduro
Juan Guaidó
Mike Pence
Donald Trump
John R. Bolton
National Endowment for Democracy
Leaving aside whether or not Maduro is a saint, the decision by President Trump to back the Bolton-Pence call for a US intervention in Venezuela may prove a fatal error for the Trump presidency.
Document:Stench of Corruptionarticle5 August 20142014 Ukraine coupBrief introduction to a story of deep in-your-face corruption involving the US Vice President Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden, oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky and the shale gas deposits of Eastern Ukraine
Document:Syria Turkey Israel and a Greater Middle East Energy Warreport12 October 2012Middle EastA comprehensive report on the struggle to control Middle East oil and gas, exposing the plans behind Western/Israeli diplomatic and military activity towards Syria & Iran. The current state of affairs accords very closely with a publication of the Brookings Institution's "Saban Centre for Middle East Studies" - the PDF of which was removed from the Brookings web site in early October.
Document:The Rape of Ukraine: Phase Two Beginsarticle28 February 2014Ukraine
Victoria Nuland
Operation Gladio
Ukraine coup 2014
NATO-backed para-military mercenary organisation UNA-UNSO involved in Gladio-style murder of 'protestors' in Ukraine
Document:What’s Not Being Said About the Venezuela Oil WarArticle17 February 2019Venezuela
Nicolás Maduro
Juan Guaidó
Guayana Esequiba
China National Petroleum Corporation
Chavez Belt
The Venezuela Oil War Is Really About Huge Oil Reserves in the District of Guayana Esequiba