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(politician, trade union leader)
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BornLuiz Inácio da Silva
27 October 1945
PartyWorkers' Party (Brazil)
Brazilian president 2003-2010 who although out of office told Brazilians: "Get vaccinated, that's necessary."

Employment.png President of Brazil

In office
30 October 2022 - 31 December 2022

Employment.png President of Brazil

In office
1 January 2003 - 31 December 2010
Preceded byFernando Henrique Cardoso
Succeeded byDilma Rousseff

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (known as Lula da Silva) is a Brazilian politician and trade unionist.Having previously been 35th President of Brazil from 2003 to 2010, he started a new period on 1 January 2023.[1]

His political trajectory has been uneven. After ending his first period as president in 2010, he was convicted on trumped-up corruption charges in 2016[2], but was released in 2019.

His imprisonment, the 2016 impeachment of his handpicked successor Dilma Rousseff and her replacement with Jair Bolsonaro, and his reelection in 2022 - all three events bear the hallmarks of being engineered by supranational deep state forces.


Lula da Silva was a founding member of the left-wing Workers' Party (PT) and ran unsuccessfully for president four times before achieving victory in the 2002 Brazilian general election. He was re-elected in 2006.[3]

In May 2021, Lula stated that he would run for a third term in the 2022 Brazilian general election, against the incumbent president Jair Bolsonaro.[4] He was elected president on 30 October 2022, defeating Bolsonaro in a close race. He is the first person to be democratically elected as President of Brazil three times, and the second to be elected to non-consecutive presidential terms (after Getúlio Vargas).

Support from George Soros

“There are many other regional powers that can influence the course of history. Brazil stands out. The election of Lula at the end of last year was crucial.

On January 8th there was a coup attempt much like January 6th, 2021, in the US. Lula handled it masterfully and established his authority as president.

Brazil is on the front-line of the conflict between open and closed societies; it is also on the front-line of the fight against climate change. He must protect the rainforest, promote social justice, and reignite economic growth all at the same time.

He will need strong international support because there is no pathway to net zero emissions if he fails.”
George Soros (16 February, 2023)  [5]


With 99.97% of votes counted, Lula da Silva, a former factory worker who became Brazil’s first working-class president exactly 20 years ago, had secured 50.9% of the vote. Jair Bolsonaro, a firebrand who was elected in 2018, received 49.10%.

“Today the only winner is the Brazilian people,” da Silva said in a speech Sunday evening at a hotel in downtown Sao Paulo. “It’s the victory of a democratic movement that formed above political parties, personal interests and ideologies so that democracy came out victorious.”[6]

Lula vowed to reunify his country after a toxic race for power which has profoundly divided one of the world’s largest democracies:

“We are going to live new times of peace, love and hope,” said the 77-year-old, who was sidelined from the 2018 election that saw Bolsonaro claim power after being jailed on corruption charges that were later annulled. “I will govern for 215m Brazilians … and not just for those who voted for me. There are not two Brazils. We are one country, one people – a great nation,” he said to applause. “It is in nobody’s interests to live in a country that is divided and in a constant state of war.”[7]

Big Pharma

Lula gets his jab

In April 2021, Lula apparently showed no insight into pandemics or Covid vaccines, or if there are any deep state agendas behind coerced injections. Instead, he promoted vaccination as a way out of the "pandemic" and described his country as a role model. "Get vaccinated, that's necessary...We have a great culture, a tradition of vaccination, through our experience with diseases. I was president when swine flu (H1N1) hit," Lula said. In three months, 83 million Brazilians were vaccinated,[8]

The Lula government intends to make Covid jabs mandatory for all schoolchildren as part of the national vaccination program.[9] As a coercive measure, families will be denied food aid, Bolsa Família, if they should refuse to let their children have this shot.[10]

In December 2023, Lula defended on Tuesday the idea of criminalizing "lies and misinformation" in relation to vaccination in Brazil. "It is important that we say that it is necessary to criminalize the person who is telling a lie about such an important issue that we vaccinate the Brazilian people, especially children," Lula said on TV. "When you have a murderer who decides to make contrary propaganda, we have to criminally prosecute him, because there is no other way for you to deal with this type of denialist people," he said.[11]


Appointments by Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

Marina SilvaBrazil/Minister/Environment and Climate Change1 January 200313 May 2008
Marina SilvaBrazil/Minister/Environment and Climate Change1 January 2023
Nísia TrindadeBrazil/Minister/Health1 January 2023


Related Quotations

John Perkins“I asked [Lula's emissary] whether Lula had been corrupted and for how long. It was obvious that this question made him extremely uncomfortable. After a long pause, he admitted that Lula was part of the system. "Otherwise, how could he have risen to such a position?" However, Jose also professed his admiration for Lula. "He's a realist. He understands that in order to help his people he has no choice ..." Then he shook his head. "I fear," he said, "that Washington will try to bring Lula down if he goes too far."

"How do you think they'd do it?"

"Everyone has—as you say—skeletons in his closet. Every politician has done things that can look bad, if brought into the light in a certain way. Lula has skeletons. If the powers that run your empire want to bring him down, they'll open the closet door."”
John Perkins2007
Silvina RomanoLawfare is a political war through the courts, which uses legal tools improperly for political persecution, which uses the law as a weapon to destroy the adversary. Lawfare operates from high places through a judicial apparatus that rises above the Legislative and Executive Power, expanding the margin of maneuver and power of the judges, paving the way for a growing “juristocracy”.”Silvina RomanoDecember 2020


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