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This page lists the Bilderbergers who have attended exactly two meetings


2 Visits

Julio AbreuSpain
Ziad Abu-AmrPalestine
Andrew Adonis22 February 1963UK
Oswald AeppliSwitzerland
Thomas Ahrenkiel19 October 1967
Helen Alexander10 February 19575 August 2017
Johan Andresen25 July 1961
Hubert Ansiaux24 November 19089 April 1987
Ralph Assheton24 February 19011984
David Astor5 March 19127 December 2001
Audrey Azoulay4 August 1972FranceUNESCO Director-General
James H. BakerUSPentagon's top wargamer. 2018, 2019 Bilderberger
Dora Bakoyannis6 May 1954
John Bassett25 August 191527 April 1998Canada
Piero Bassetti20 December 1928Italy
Guerin De Beaumont29 August 189613 October 1955French
Kurt Becker
Omer Becu21 August 19029 October 1982Belgium
Henrik BeerSweden
Michel Belanger10 September 19291 December 1997
Elliott Bell25 September 1902January 1983
Rodolfo de Bendetti2 July 1961Italy
Walter BerchtoldSwitzerland
Jeff Bezos12 January 1964US
Esperanza Aguirre y Gil de Biedma3 January 1952Spain
Ritt Bjerregaard19 May 1941
Erling Bjøl1 December 1918Denmark
Antti Blåfield22 June 1953Finland
Richard Bolling17 May 191621 April 1991US
Michel Bon5 July 1943French
Max Boot12 September 1969US
Robert Boothby12 February 190016 July 1986
António Borges18 November 194925 August 2013
Robert R. Bowie
Charles Boyd15 April 1938
Ali Bozer28 July 1925Turkey
Enrico Braggiotti27 January 1923Monaco
Laurens Jan Brinkhorst18 March 1937Netherlands
Leon Brittan25 September 193921 January 2015
George Brown2 September 19142 June 1985UK
E. John P. Browne20 February 1948UK
Gro Harlem Brundtland20 April 1939Norway
Thomas Buberl24 March 1973German
William F. Buckley24 November 192527 February 2008
Carl Burckhardt10 September 18913 March 1974Switzerland
W. Randolph Burgess
Antony Burgmans13 February 1947Netherlands
Anthony Buzzard28 April 190210 March 1972
Ulf Böge22 January 1942Economist who headed the German anti-trust office for 8 years
Marcel Cadieux17 June 191519 March 1981
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