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Wikipedia claims not to be censored. However, wikipedia's policies don't back this up. Their notions of 'reliability' and 'notability' are particularly suspect.

Wikipedia is actively censored, and users are blocked not only for reasons of spam and vandalism. Their carefully formulated policies, especially those on "reliability" and "notability" are tools to extend Operation Mockingbird's control of corporate media to give de facto control of what appears on Wikipedia.

Official Narrative

Wikipedia boldly and clearly declares "Wikipedia is not censored"[1], notwithstanding evidence that particular information is persistently removed.[2]


As one disgruntled Wikipedia editor put it "Wikipedia is a record of human knowledge, stored on a high school blackboard, and every kid has an eraser and a piece of chalk. Guess whose stuff stays on the blackboard?"[3] Wikipedia has an explicitly establishment friendly policy of assuming that commercially-controlled media is reliable, even though they are legally allowed to lie.[4] Moreover, events that the corporate media choose to ignore are not deemed 'notable', allowing those who can censor the commercially-controlled media to effectively censor Wikipedia. Certain lines of thought are reverted within minutes.

Less obvious, but no less pernicious, is use of Wikipedia's "notability" criterion to remove entire pages, keeps certain important topics off the agenda and certain people out of the limelight.

Page deletions

Reviewing the content of a deleted page is not possible for ordinary Wikipedia users. However, page deletions are not standardised between languages, so if you detect that a page has been deleted, it is quite possibly still available in an alternative language. The English Wikipedia page of José Sanjenís Perdomo was deleted on 6 September 2015, for example, but the Spanish language page was still available as of December.[5]

Page histories

All wikipedia pages have histories, which record the earlier versions. These are accessible if you click on the View history tab. These histories can be censored[6] but as of 2014, this was believed to be a rare occurrence.

Detecting censorship

The history is gives a list of revisions to the page, including the time, date, editor name, article lenth, edit length, and (optional) edit summary. Certain wikipedia pages are regularly monitored to ensure particular viewpoints are excluded, for example, the Collapse_of_the_World_Trade_Center page. This page history shows a clear pattern of repeated, fast, reversion of edits, a strong indication of censorship:

9-11 history.png

The edit reversions are marked. They are indicated by a green number with an red identical number just above. For example, see the fifth line down: on 22:32, an anonymous user ( made an edit which increased the article length by 24 bytes, only for user Chicago god to remove 24 bytes the same minute.

Exploring censorship

To investigate the edits, click on the reversion (later edit, typically a red bytecount) and the edit below. Then click on "compare selected revisions" and wikipedia will show you the change(s) made. This may of course be vandalism or spam, but it may also be censhorship. While unwanted on Wikipedia, material which challenges the official narrative may be welcome on Wikispooks, especially if it is referenced. Another tip for investigation is to click on the contribs link next to the author, to see a list of all the edits they have made on Wikipedia. If some of their edits are being censored, this is a good indication that their other edit may be of interest.

Continuing censorship


The simplest strategy for censoring content is just to purge all trace of it. As of 2014, it is still unknown to what extent this is employed, if at all, as sufficient real time tools have not yet been developed to monitor Wikipedia. Another policy use by Wikipedia (since December 1, 2012[7]) has been using a system of "page protection" which will prevent the above technique from working. Particularly sensitive pages may be assigned a "protection level", illustrated by the icon shown right, which prevents unregistered or new users from changing them - thus preventing their contribution being reflected in the page history, as it is likely to be rejected by an editor versed in the official narrative. As of 2015, Wikipedia currently allows (some?) administrators to censor certain edits, not removing them from the page history, but making them inaccessible for ordinary users.

Edits in gray struck through font have been censored from the Wikipedia page about the suspicious death of Vince Foster.[8]

This form of censorship was not widely deployed as of September 2015, but usage is believed to be increasing. One way to try to get round it is to look at the internet archive, which might have a copy of the censored edits. Another sensible move is to pay particular attention to other edits made by the user(s) whose edits have been censored in this way.

Pages Censored by Wikipedia

Previously, going to a deleted page would not show the text, but would at least reveal a list of when the page had been created and deleted. In 2014, Wikipedia changed the behavior for pages which had been deleted, so now no confirmation is presented that the pages ever existed.

Repeatedly Censored

                  Page                  Description
Kevin AnnettWhen he reported that the church of which he was a minister had been involved in genocide, Rev. Kevin Annett was told to shut up. He didn't. He researched the topic and wrote books and made a movie about it. His Wikipedia page has been deleted at least 4 times as "non-notable" because he has been blacklisted by corporate media. He continues to expose institutional corruption and child abuse.
Bernard Asso
Jane BürgermeisterAgainst the concerted opposition of Big Pharma, Jane Bürgermeister has attempted to highlight risks and malfeasance associated with vaccines and emerging diseases.
Barry JenningsA key 9/11 witness whose testimony contradicted the 9/11 report. He was reported dead without further explanation, aged 53. No death certificate is available on the internet, the cause of death is unknown, and his entire family went missing without explanation at the same time.


                  Page                  Description
2001 Anthrax attacks/TimelineA detailed and revealing timeline about the Amerithrax attacks, deleted from Wikipedia in April 2014, recovered from an archive at Deletionpedia.
2001 Israeli Nerve Gas Attacks
2014 Norway terror threat
9-11/Aircraft WreckageWikipedia has nothing much to say on some major irregularities regarding aircraft wreckage on 9/11. It implausible that black boxes, designed to survive impact and fire were not recovered while three of the supposed hijackers' passports reportedly did survive the fiery crashes.
9-11/CensorshipA range of tactics have been employed to try to stifle dissent about 9/11, from ad hominem attacks to assassination. As of 2016, censorship is ongoing.
9-11/Premature deathMany people have been killed in an effort to suppress the truth about 9/11. Where convenient, deaths have been made to look accidental or illness related. Sometimes people have been "suicided", making it hard to know exactly how many were murdered.
9-11/United Airlines Flight 93 and Shanksville
9-11/WTC7/Collapse/CensorshipA very telling omission by the corporate media, lasting for several years, that totally suppressed mention of the complete (forewarned) collapse of WTC7. Note that the 911 originally neglected to give an account of this unprecedented event.
9-11/WhistleblowersMany people have sought to share important evidence about 9/11, using inside knowledge from a professional capacity.
Scott BennettSpent 2 years in jail as a result of speaking his mind and attempting to blow the whistle on fraud and corruption inside the US war machine.
James CorbettJames Corbett is a popular critic of the US establishment who has been active on the internet since 2007.
David Kelly/Death
Jack Davis
Deep eventAn event which has major influence on the politics of a country or group of countries by virtue of its psychological impact on populations, principally through mainstream media construction and reporting of what becomes its "official narrative". Such events predominantly involve controversial domestic politics, especially in the field of so-called "national security", foreign affairs and geo-politics.
Mohammed Samir FerratMohammed Samir Ferrat was reportedly killed aboard Flight TWA 800. He was a colleague of Ron Brown who had died 3 months earlier in another suspicious plane crash. Prior to the flight his business was in financial difficulties and he had taken more that one multiple life insurance policies and borrowed heavily from would be investors in Ivory Coast and Switzerland.
Emad Abdalla HassanA person who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, sold to US for $5000 and has been subject to illegal imprisonment and torture in Guantanamo Bay ever since. Cleared for relase in 2010, he remains a prisoner.
Israel/Defense Forces/T-shirt affair
JFK/Assassination/Premature deathMany people have been killed in an effort to suppress the truth about the JFK Assassination. Where convenient, deaths have been made to look accidental or illness related. Sometimes people have been "suicided", making it hard to know exactly how many were murdered.
Lawrence E. King
Nuclear DemolitionUse of nuclear explosions to demolish buildings was first mooted in the late 1960s. This article on the topic is based on a page which appeared and was soon removed from Wikipedia in March 2010. It is based on the work of Dimitri Khalezov.
Official narrativeThe "Official Narrative" is the cover story of "the powers that be". On WikiSpooks this generally means the story intended for citizens of the so-called 'Western Democracies'. This could be the truth, but the term is usually reserved for use in cases in which it departs significantly from the truth (which may be be unclear or completely unknown, cover by a veil of official lies).
Andreas StraßmeirSon of Günter Straßmeir who was Chief of Staff to German Chancellor Helmut Kohl. Suspected of involvement in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.
The Corbett ReportNamed as an outlet of Fake News
The Mishcon NoteA note of Princess Diana's concerns, notably that she would die in a planned car crash. Made by her lawyer, Lord Mishcon, the day after speaking to her in 1995, it was submitted to police when Diana was in fact killed in a car crash. UK police keep it secret for 6 years until a similar letter was revealed by her butler, Paul Burrell.
The NORAD Tapes